Joe Maddon Wife, Age, Granddaughter, Children, Family, Wiki, Height

Joe Maddon Wife, Age, Granddaughter, Children, Family, Wiki, Height

Every fan of the bat-and-ball game, of baseball, should know who Joe Maddon is. The American is the manager of the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball at the time of writing this report. But this is definitely not the beginning of his career. Before he managed the Cubs, the man proved his worth as a coach with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and as a manager with the Tampa Bay Rays.

With the Tampa Bay Rays, he won the American League pennant in 2008. After that, his next major achievement was being named National League Manager of 2015, after he promoted the Cubs to the National League Championship Series.

Next year (2016) he would lead the team in its historic triumph against the Cleveland Indians. The Cubs won their first World Championship title in 1908, and everyone agreed that Joe was an amazing manager.

Joe Maddon Bio (Age)

The manager of the Chicago Cubs was born Joseph John Maddon Jr., his date of birth was February 8, 1954, and it was documented that his birthplace was in West Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

Joe Maddon Wife, Age, Granddaughter, Children, Family, Wiki, HeightJoe Maddon Wife, Age, Granddaughter, Children, Family, Wiki, Height
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From what we found out, Joe’s family name was originally Maddonini. It was his Italian father, Joe Sr., who decided that the family would give up “Maddonini” for “Maddon. While Joe Sr., who died in 2002, worked as a plumber, Joe’s mother of Polish descent is said to have worked as a waitress.

Joe’s interest in sports activities was obvious even as a boy. As he grew older, his passion for sports increased, and eventually, he was seen playing both football and baseball at Easton, Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.

An avid sportsman, he signed up as a free agent with the California Angels and played as a catcher for the team in minor league baseball. After his usual four-season performances, Joe gave up his baseball career and decided to build a coaching and management career in the sport.

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Family – Wife, Children, and Grand Daughter

Joe Maddon is not one of those popular characters you would go to hell to find out a thing or two about their family, the story of his love life is accessible to anyone who cares to learn about it. As for the marital status of Joe Maddon, it is common knowledge that the professional baseball manager was once married to Betty Maddon. It is believed that the marriage between Joe and Betty, which began in 1981, ended in 1999.

Although the reason for the end of the relationship cannot be authenticated, it is widely believed that this has everything to do with the fact that Joe fell in love with his current wife Jaye Sousoures while still married to Betty. Although we cannot confirm this assumption, we can confirm that the marriage of Joe and Betty was gifted with two children. A daughter, whom they called Sarah, and a son, Joseph Maddon III.

Sarah and Joseph have made it possible for Joe to become a grandfather. The former married Theo Bystry and they have given birth to three grandchildren of the baseball manager so far (Tyler, Tre, and Carson). The partner of the latter is Natalie Maddon, and they are the parents of Joe’s other two grandchildren, Coral and Giuseppe.

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Joe Maddon is very fond of his children’s children and has exchanged pictures of his granddaughters on social media platforms on several occasions. Sometime in 2014, he shared a picture of Coral on Twitter with a message that read: “How about my granddaughter Coral starting her career as a model!

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Joe married his current wife Jaye in 1995 at Seal Beach’s Rossmoor Athletic Club in California. When they met, Jaye was married like Joe. They say she was an accountant and mother of two children. They stayed friends for almost half a decade until their marriage ended. With no marital ties whatsoever, it was easy for the friendship to turn into a romantic affair that culminated in engagement and eventually led to the two becoming life partners in 2008.

Joe Maddon’s Height, How Tall Is He? 

Maybe you’re one of those people who have been arguing about how tall Joe Maddon is; well, here’s the fact. The manager of the Chicago Cub is 5′ 11″ (180cm) tall. This height is perfect for his bodyweight of 190 lb (86 kg).