Francis Ngannou Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth, Biography

Francis Ngannou Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth, Biography

It is no surprise that Francis Ngannou, who had to do a lot of manual labor in his youth, now has a punching capacity of 129,161 units, the highest ever recorded by the UFC.

Born in Cameroon, the French professional mixed martial artist is making a name for himself in the MMA world thanks to his perfect combination of size, power, and speed, which has proven to be uncontrollable for some of his opponents. The heavyweight fighter will have to earn praise next year after he recently made a mistake. Regardless of what the future holds, his victory over Alistair Overeem will ensure that he remains in the top group for years to come.

Francis Ngannou Biography

On September 5, 1986, Francis Ngannou was welcomed to the world in the village of Batie, Cameroon. The identity of his parents is not known, but it is reported that his father was a notorious street fighter. Ngannou grew up in poverty, so he received very little education during his childhood.

Francis Ngannou Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth, Biography
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At the age of about 12, Ngannou found work in a sand quarry. He did this among many other jobs to make ends meet before he could consider boxing as a way out. According to the story, Ngannou was about 22 years old when he supposedly started training as a boxer despite the objections of his family. He trained for a year before he retired from the sport due to illness. It took four years before he was able to return to boxing, but this time he emigrated to Paris, France, to get better chances.

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Francis Ngannou was a 27-year-old homeless man in Paris when he began to train for free under coach Didier Carmont. A fan of the legendary Mike Tyson, Ngannou had hoped to one day dominate heavyweight boxing just like his hero. However, this did not come true as Ngannou was introduced to the mixed martial arts by his coach and he never looked back.

Ngannou fought under various advancement opportunities throughout Europe and accumulated a 5-1 record before making his debut at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in December 2015 against newcomer Luis Henrique, whom he knocked out in the second round with one punch. Ngannou then beat the other newcomers Curtis Blaydes and Bojan Mihajlovic by technical knockout as his stock in the sport began to rise.

The first challenging opponent of the Cameroon-born fighter was Anthony Hamilton in UFC Fight Night 102, but Hamilton proved to be no great test at the end of the day, winning the fight in the first round by submission and receiving the Performance of the Night bonus for his performance.

Ngannou again received the Performance of the Night bonus in his next fight against Andrei Arlovski, whom he defeated in the first round by TKO. He then scored a surprising first-round knockout victory over Alistair Overeem, earning him the Knockout of the Year award from ESPN, Bleacher Report, and MMA Fighting Website 2017.

Francis Ngannou Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth, Biography
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Francis Ngannou fought for the UFC heavyweight title in the next fight. He competed against American Stipe Miocic, who dominated him and gave him his first UFC defeat by unanimous decision. Ngannou suffered another defeat against Derrick Lewis in the UFC 226 in what has been called the worst heavyweight fight ever.

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Francis Ngannou Net Worth

The net worth of Francis Ngannou is estimated at approximately $350,000. The fighter, who is known for his raw strength, deceptive agility, and athleticism, earned his money through the salary and bonuses he receives from the fights he fights for UFC funding. Ngannou seems to use his earnings wisely as he is said to be building an MMA gym in his native country to give more children the chance to make something of their lives, just as he has managed to do.

Height and Weight

Francis Ngannou has a very impressive height of 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m). He is among the taller fighters in the heavyweight division of mixed martial arts where the average height is 6 feet 2.5 inches. He is however way well of the tallest person in the division, Stefan Struve, who is 6 feet 11.5 inches or 2.13 m. Ngannou further weighs 253 pounds or 115 kg and has a reach of 83 inches or 211 cm.