DeMarcus Cousins Brother, Age, Weight, Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend

DeMarcus Cousins Brother, Age, Weight, Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend

DeMarcus Cousins is one of the most prominent figures in the NBA, as are LeBron James and Julius Randle. His incredible speed and enviable goal scores made him stand out in every game he played. The athlete played basketball in high school, and when he finished college level, the Sacramento Kings voted him the fifth overall choice in the 2010 NBA draft, and since then DeMarcus has held on to the game and made it his silver and gold. So far he has played more than 48 games with a career average of 21.5 points (11.0 rebounds). 3.2 assists, 1.4 steals, and 1.2 blocks per game, numbers that some talents in the game can only guess at. Find out everything about the childhood, family, age, weight, fortune, and girlfriend of DeMarcus Cousins.

DeMarcus Cousins Bio, Age

Cousins was born on August 13, 1990, in Mobile, Alabama, to African-American parents. He received his high school education in Leflore Magnet, Alabama. Studying at the school was an exciting experience for cousins as he actively participated in a game he loved. After high school, he joined Kentucky College and continued his basketball dream. There he led the Wildcats to the Elite Eight of the 2010 NCAA tournament, and the success of the game encouraged him in his hopes of becoming a champion one day. As a result, he sacrificed his last three sessions of college eligibility to join the NBA draft where he embraced the basketball game.

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Cousins gained fame the moment he was selected by the Sacramento Kings in the 2010 NBA Draft for his incredible plays on the court – the plays that earned him the nickname “Boogie” from coach Rod Strickland. In his two-year contract with the Kings, his remarkable playing style earned him the title “Rookie of the Month”.

DeMarcus Cousins Brother, Age, Weight, Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend
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However, his cousins’ career was tarnished when he was dumped by head coach Paul Westphal in 2012 for his inability to live up to Paul’s standards. A month later, he was selected to replace Paul Westphal for the Rising Stars.

There was another problem in his cousin’s career when he succumbed to physical violence against Sean Elliot, who condemned his attempt to harass Tim Duncan on the pitch. As a result, he was banned indefinitely from playing for the Kings.

This unfortunate act not only called his reputation into question but also led to his indefinite suspension from his team, which called his actions unprofessional and detrimental to the entire team. Cousin’s sincere apology earned him a second chance on the team on December 24, 2012.

Cousins secured another ticket to fame in September 2013 when he signed a four-year $62 million contract extension with the Kings. As expected, he opened the season with a great comeback of 30 points and 14 rebounds against the Denver Nuggets. The season was only a success for Cousins because he was suspended in one game for beating Patrick Beverly. In 2014, Cousins’ career met another challenge when he had to sit out ten games due to his diagnosis (viral meningitis). Fortunately, he improved his game the following year and delivered productive performances. His winning streak doesn’t seem to slow down in the future, although he recently pulled an Achilles tendon that has kept him off the field since he joined the Golden State Warrior with a $5.3 million contract.

Height And Body Weight

DeMarcus  Cousins have a peculiar look of elegance, intelligence, and an incredible height of 6 feet 11 inches, and a proportional body that weighs 122 kg.

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DeMarcus Cousins Brother

DeMarcus Cousins grew up with his younger brother named Jaleel Cousins. Born on December 1, 1993, Jaleel and his older brother have so much in common. He attended the same high school as DeMarcus but transferred to the Spanish Fort High School in his senior year. He is also a professional basketball player, but his career seems less flourishing than that of his brother. He started playing in college and played for both Navarro College and South Florida. However, before he joined the Dallas Mavericks, he hadn’t moved in for a while. The Mavericks later leased him to Texas Legends from the NBA Development League. When his time at the club was over, he moved to Reno Bighorns. In 2017 he played in the ASEAN Basketball League for the Formosa Dreamers team.

Does He Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

DeMarcus Cousins Brother, Age, Weight, Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend
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Cousins is not married, but he was with a beautiful woman named Morgan Lang. There are not many details about the brunette beauty, except that she attended Arizona State University and apparently likes to model. The two lovers are supposedly engaged, but no one can say for sure if this is true.

Cousins has a daughter and a son from another relationship he had in the past. In fact, there are rumors that Mogan Lang is the biological mother of his son. But by all indications, it seems unlikely, since Morgan does not have a child yet and the children belong to cousins’ ex. Some sources have shed some light on who could be the mother of the children and they point to a woman named Christy West from Alabama. She and her cousins supposedly dated when they were either in college or high school.

DeMarcus Cousins Net Worth

Cousin’s career has earned him a lot of money and two gold medals over the years. Although he doesn’t show off his wealth very often, DeMarcus Cousins net worth is a whopping $15 million, making him one of the highest-paid basketball players in the world.