Demarco Murray Biography, Injury and NFL Career Stats, Wife and Net Worth

Demarco Murray Biography, Injury and NFL Career Stats, Wife and Net Worth

For seven solid seasons, Demarco Murray fought with the best and against the best teams of the National Football League (NFL). He remembers his time as a footballer especially with his triple Pro Bowl selection in 2013, 14, and 16 amidst so many other career milestones he reached on the field.

Since his retirement, the former pigskin leather athlete has moved on to another aspect of the game that has once again brought him in front of many people. Learn more about this below and also read a summary of his time and heroic deeds as a footballer.

Demarco Murray Biography

On February 12, 1988, Demarco Murray was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, the son of Kevin and Loraine Murray. He had about 7 siblings in his family, which consisted of 3 boys and 4 girls. However, things were difficult for them because their parents were not financially strong enough. After these and other family problems, this led to the divorce of Murray’s parents. The boys moved in with their father, while the girls stayed with their mother.

Demarco Murray Biography, Injury and NFL Career Stats, Wife and Net Worth
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Demarco attended Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he attended athletics, basketball, and soccer. Out of the trio, he was an exception in the starting line-up, where he was an all-conference candidate for three years, three-time conference champion, and 2005 Offensive Player of the Year in the Sunset Region.

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Murray’s sporting exploits were impressive not only in football but also in basketball and athletics. After high school, the boy had offers from various colleges such as Texas A&M, Penn State, and others. Of these, he chose the University of Oklahoma (OU) over others.

From 2006 to 2010, Demarco Murray studied at OU and played soccer with the Oklahoma Sooners after starting the 2006 season as a Redhirte. He played his first college game on September 1, 2007, with a win over the University of North Texas Mean Green, whereupon he showed an impressive performance for most of the season and the following seasons.

All in all, the future NFL star had a record average of 6.0 in 2007 with 29.3 rebound yards and 2 touchdowns. His best college season was in 2010 when he reached his career peak in the Rushing Yard (1,214), Receiving Yards (594) and 5 Receiving Touchdowns. After graduating from college, he knocked on the doors of the NFL.

NFL Career Stats and Injury

Demarco Murray was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the third round of the 2011 NFL draft as the 71st. After his drafting, he signed a rookie contract with the club worth $2.97 million for a 4-year term. His contract included a signing bonus of $622,000.

From the 2011 season to the 2014 season, he was a Big D player who, due to his sheer brilliance and productive play, quickly rose from a third-place behind Felix Jones (Starter) and Tashard Choice (Second String) to a starter.

In Cowboys, Demarco led the league with a 91-yard touchdown in 2011 and 1,845 stormy yards in 392 stormy attempts in 2014. His time with the club has been remarkable, winning awards as NFL Rush Yards Leader, NFL Rush Touchdown Leader, NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and being named to the first all-pro team in 2014.

While he was at large after his contract with the Big D expired, the Philadelphia Eagles secured his services as an Eagles player with a five-year $42 million contract on March 12, 2015. With his new team, Demarco Murray teamed up with Sam Bradford, his former college teammate who plays as a quarterback.

As the season got underway, the running back showed less impressive performances for the champion he was, provoking criticism from his team’s fans and lovers of American football in general. Worse, Murray sustained a hamstring injury for which he missed the match of week 3 of the 2015 season.

His poor performance was exacerbated by the fact that the offensive line did not match his playing style. He was also demoted to a time when he had to make way for Darren Sproles, who was thought to be faster and more effective.

By the time Murray was scheduled to leave the Philadelphia Eagles, he had already recorded a meager 702 hurried yards on 20 carriers with no carrier height.

After his bleak time with the Lincoln Financial Field-based team, the Las Vegas-born running back joined the Tennessee Titans on March 9, 2016. The Eagles hoped to make money with the Titans’ 2016 draft pick in the fourth round (Connor Cook).

After joining his new team, Murray gradually resumed his career in his first season with the club. He scored 1,287 rushing yards on 293 carries and 12 touchdowns (9 rushings and 3 receiving), putting him in sixth place in the NFL running backs for the 2016 season. He struggled to do his best in the 2017 season but finished the season with 659 rush yards, 6 rush touchdowns with 39 receptions, 266 receiving yards, and 1 receiving touchdown. Demarco Murray missed the last game of the regular season due to a knee injury.

When he entered 2018, he was dismissed by the Titans on March 8, 2018, and on July 13, 2018, he called it his turn in the NFL. The ace of football has started a career in broadcasting since his retirement in August 2018, as he now works as a football commentator at Fox Sports College.

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Who is His Wife?

Demarco Murray Biography, Injury and NFL Career Stats, Wife and Net Worth
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The Nevada-born footballer is married to Heidi Mueller, an American actress. The two were supposedly together long before Murray became a star in the NFL. On June 20, 2013, she gave birth to a daughter whom they named Savanna June Murray. Two years after her birth, the soccer player and actress announced their engagement on January 19, 2015, and walked down the aisle at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dallas, Texas, in June 2015. Shortly after their wedding, Heidi gave birth to a son named Parker Ray Murray. The family lived closely together, though with some problems.

In November 2014 Murray’s former teammate in Oklahoma, Brendan Clay, accused him of having an affair with his wife and even sleeping with her. Brandon supported his claim with some not-so-decent text messages that Murray allegedly sent to his wife. However, while this continued, Heidi stood by her husband until the storm passed. The two are still married today, but Brendan divorced his wife.

Demarco Murray Net Worth

The footballer was well rewarded for the time he spent on the pitch for the various clubs he played for. Even though he seemed to have performed the least with the biggest contract, this does not mean that Demarco was an ordinary footballer.

Demarco Murray made a name for himself in his own time, for which his net worth of $3 million is an indication. As Demarco Murray continues to advance his career as a sports television broadcaster, we may see him add some numbers to his current net worth.