David Rubulotta Bio, Net Worth, Facts About Erin Burnett’s Husband

David Rubulotta Bio, Net Worth, Facts About Erin Burnett’s Husband

David Rubulotta is one of the American tycoons who, through consistent hard work, has succeeded in turning their ideas into reality in business. During his school years, he showed a remarkable degree of intelligence that convinced his peers of the possible successful person he would become. Prior to his countless successes as MD at Citibank, David had worked with Lehman Brothers and continued to maintain his good performance.

Although David became famous for marrying the well-known financial journalist Erin Burnette, some people still believe that he was born a star. Here you can find more interesting details about David Rubulotta.

David Rubulotta Bio

The American businessman, who sometimes bears the full name David Thomas Rubulotta, was born on the east coast of Pennsylvania. Although the media have not been able to obtain information about his parents, sources indicate that David attended and earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Villanova; his course of study is still unknown to the public. He later earned an MBA from the University of Columbia in 1998. Rubulotta’s brilliance and excellent personality offered him the rare opportunity to work as a stockbroker for a renowned financial services firm, Lehman Brothers.

David Rubulotta Bio, Net Worth, Facts About Erin Burnett’s Husband
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During the financial challenge that led to the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, David Rubulotta felt it was time to satisfy his need to stretch his tentacles in the business world. He joined Citibank as MD for profitable sales; a position as challenging and boring as the first one. Today, David’s efforts are considered one of the driving forces behind Citibank’s rapid rise and development.

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Apart from his own achievements in business, David Rubulotta has a great love of politics. He is proud to be a Republican and supported the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, by fuelling rumors that he might one day run for election.

David Rubulotta Net Worth

David has never been involved in any controversy in his career. He has always kept a clean slate and earned every penny. According to available records, the average salary of a Citibank employee is $83,000. If you look at the word “average”, the amount is quite impressive. Sources say that he enjoys a net worth of $16 million that he has accumulated through his hard work.

Facts About Erin Burnett’s Husband

Social media presence

David is not a social person. He keeps his life away from the media spotlight. No wonder he is hardly seen on Facebook and Instagram. The media also has no record of controversy against his marriage, career, or personal life.

Relationship with Erin Burnett

When the chemistry between the two could no longer be ignored, David was convinced that love could find anyone and that Erin was the one for him.

Erin Burnette, who was a stock editor at Bloomberg before becoming a CNN anchor, began her romantic affair with David in 2003. Erin has been a financial journalist for many years and has worked in various companies and institutions over the years. She began her career as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs before joining CNN News. Some speculate that her meeting took place while Erin was vice president of Citi Media, which is Citigroup’s media arm, but all we know is that after 8 years of building their relationship, the couple decided to formalize it in December 21, 2012.

David Rubulotta Bio, Net Worth, Facts About Erin Burnett’s Husband
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Their wedding

The wedding took place four days before Christmas, and it was Erin’s idea because she felt that the year had gone so well for her. The fans wondered if this idea was one of the things a man has to adjust to before she can marry him, as her article in Men’s Health Magazine states. The ceremony was not as huge as many had expected, it was a good description of “moderate” that was appreciated by family and few friends.

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David Rubulotta Children

David and Erin are blessed with three children; two sons, Nyle Thomas Burnette Rubulotta and Owen Thomas Burnette Rubulotta, and a daughter named Colby Isabelle, who illuminated the beauty and intelligence of her mother. The couple has managed to cope with the responsibility of raising their children despite their arduous work.

Body features

Most of the time David Rubulotta appears tall in pictures, but he has an average stature, with an inquiring dark eye and hair. We can’t say his body weight with certainty, but his broad chest gives a clear indication of his fitness.