Chris Nunez Bio, Married, Wife, Daughter, Age, Net Worth, Height

Chris Nunez Bio, Married, Wife, Daughter, Age, Net Worth, Height

Chris Nunez is an artist who is not just about talent. Through experience and hard work, he has managed to stand out from the crowd. His work shows his dedication and respect for the tattoo industry.

He is an American tattoo artist, television personality, and entrepreneur who has been practicing his craft for over two decades. Chris owns an art studio in Florida – the Handcrafted Tattoo And Art Gallery. He was on the jury of the Ink Master reality contest. Read the fascinating details about him.

Chris Nunez Age, Early Life, and Rise to Fame

The ink lover was born on April 11, 1973, in Miami, Florida. He is of Cuban descent. Raised in Miami, Nunez was attracted to the beauty that art embodies and wanted to be a creator of such effects. So he started painting graffiti as a teenager and, interestingly enough, had his father’s support. Later he discovered an even more elaborate art (tattoo) and fell in love with it. Chris also decided that it would be his professional and life goal, that he would live to make prints that would numb the sight.

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Chris aspired to master this art and then went to a local tattoo store to be trained. Through his talent and hard work, he was able to achieve incredible success and soon became a fixture in the body art industry. The successes he achieved in his profession, he often attributes to his apprenticeship experience.

Chris Nunez – Bio, Married, Wife, Daughter, Age, Net Worth, Height
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His father, who was a foundation under his fame, died when he was 18 years old. He was devastated by this event and led a rebellious life in his late teens and early twenties. But soon he was to collect his deeds and look to the future, where he would spend the rest of his life rather than clinging to what had already passed. As a result, he moved toward a healthier, more enlightened life.

In addition, he began to practice things that he believed would help him achieve his goal of a better and happier life. He practiced sacred practices such as the use of shamanic Amazon snuff – rape – as well as meditation and praying with beads; through this, he enriched his life and found more fulfillment and peace than in previous years. As an added benefit, his love for his art was also strengthened. To honor his parents, his first tattoos, which he received at the age of 16, were their names.


Chris Nunez has become a big name in the tattoo community. In the early days of his career, despite opening a store, he was still juggling part-time construction work, although this was not to last much longer. As an entrepreneur, he owned a Florida-based art store, the Handcrafted Tattoo And Art Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, and later opened tattoos on Miami Beach with Ami James Love Hate.

He has expanded his art and developed his artistic skills and abilities in various styles, with the traditional Japanese style remaining his most popular genre. Chris Nunez has also lived and studied in various parts of the world, including Brazil, Ecuador, and some parts of Europe. This added even more spice to his career. Not only has he developed a good career profile, but he has also taken the time to learn other languages like English, Spanish, French and Portuguese – he speaks them fluently. And since 2017 Chris Nunez has been a tattoo artist for 26 years.

As a TV personality, Nunez has appeared on a number of reality shows where he agrees with the body art arts. He was an actor on the TLC network’s Miami Ink reality show and is also known for being a judge for Ink Master, along with tattoo artist Oliver Peck and rock musician Dave Navarro.

Chris is also a partner in the media company Ridgeline Empire, which operates the Ink Skins and Upset Gentlemen subsidiaries. He is also a partner of the animation studio that produced two animated series (Hoodrats and Toothians) that were released in 2014. He is also a major contributor to the Facebook community The Tattoo Shop, where some of the best tattoo artists show their art. There he shows both his new works and the new direction he is trying to take.

Although he is one of the best tattoo artists, Nunez still remains modest. This is of course one of the many qualities that have made him popular with his fans.

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Wife and Daughter, Is Chris Nunez Married?

Chris Nunez – Bio, Married, Wife, Daughter, Age, Net Worth, Height
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Chris Nunez is still single, although he is already the father of two children; a boy named Anthony and a girl named Kali. While his daughter lives with him, his son lives with his mother in California.

His decision to live a healthier life is partly due to his children. He does not want to spend meaningful time with them.

Chris Nunez Net Worth

As mentioned above, Chris is an embodiment of talent and skill. He is a tattoo artist, an entrepreneur, and a television personality. Not only does he own a tattoo studio, but he is also co-owner of DeVille USA, a clothing company. Chris Nunez’s net worth is estimated at $5 million.


The tattoo artist belongs to the class of average-sized guys. Chris Nunez is 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m) tall. His body weighs 72 kg (159 lb). Apart from that, he has a beautifully tinted body, creatively inked with some of his rarest designs, as you can see on his arms, hands, and upper body parts.