Why Did Tamron Hall Leave Today Show, Where Is She Now?

Why Did Tamron Hall Leave Today Show, Where Is She Now?

NBC’s popular Today show has had a high audience rating since 2016. The show ended the show at the top of 2016 ratings, ending with the lucrative 25-54 demographic-destroying Good Morning America from ABC and This Morning from CBS. Tamron Hall is the first African American broadcast journalist to host the popular show. FORBES learned from a source that the Today show accounts for more than 50% of NBC’s revenues in terms of news programming. In fact, it is described as the station’s revenue generator, as it generated more than $435 million in 2015, and Tamron has only been on Today for a few years.

With such massive success, one might wonder why she had to leave all this behind.

Why Did Tamron Hall Leave Today Show?

The decision to leave Today was not easy for radio journalist Tamron Hall. She made the decision only after hearing that she was going to give up her 9 o’clock appointment to Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News star who recently joined the NBC team. According to an insider interviewed by PEOPLE, it was unlikely that Tamron would be content to sit on the sidelines. The NBC representative said the station was not happy with Tamron’s decision to resign. In fact, her staff expressed their disappointment with her decision, but nevertheless wished her well in her next venture. In her expression of excitement about her new chapter, Tamron described her departure from today as a new day.

Why Did Tamron Hall Leave Today Show, Where Is She Now?
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The following week, the details of the story were made public through an issue of PEOPLE. The reasons why an accomplished broadcast journalist, who has worked her way up through the ranks of NBC through hard work and perseverance, will suddenly feel the need to give up her dream job, where just a few weeks ago things were going extremely well for her, were revealed. Her decision to quit was a mystery to her fans, as Tamron enjoyed many perks at NBC. In addition to her appearances on MSNBC Live and Dateline, she had a bonus exposure on Today, filling in for Savannah Guthrie, the host of 9 am who was on maternity leave.

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A few days ago, the Today team received an email congratulating her on making it to the top of NBC’s rating scale. From a source close to Tamron, PEOPLE learned that the Today’s Team had pushed ABC’s long-running Live with Kelly out of the ratings for a few weeks, and then it happened as if by magic: information was spread that a new host for Today was coming on board, and who was it? None other than ABC’s long-time host of Live with Kelly, Megyn Kelly. Tamron, who was probably the host to get Kelly a place to stay, volunteered to make the move.

Today’s fans, who heard that Tamron was on the verge of losing her hosting duties, came out in her defense, and it was sympathetically noted by fans that a black woman was to be replaced by someone who had had problems with racism in the past. Although Tamron left Hall Today of her own free will, it was noted that the show’s journalist was hurt, angry, and offended that she would lose her high profile role to Kelly without any compensation from NBC. Tamron, who viewed the move as a demotion, was supported by the National Association of Black Journalists, which fully condemned NBC’s decision. They described the act of exchanging Tamron for Kelly as “whitewashing”.

NBC later agreed to meet with the National Association of Black Journalists to discuss the matter. Tamron was also inspired by Iola Johnson, who is the first African-American news anchor in Dallas.

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Where is She Now?

It seems that Tamron has finally broken the long silence since he left NBC. In a video on her Twitter handle, she took the time to express to her fans her appreciation for her unyielding support and also revealed what she has done since leaving NBC and MSNBC.

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The radio journalist told fans that she spent the first two days, after she unexpectedly became unemployed, cleaning out her closet and getting rid of superfluous designer clothes.

It was later reported that Tamron had found a new job at Investigation discovery. The group’s president, Henry Schleiff, rang the opening bell on the NASDAQ to celebrate the network’s 10th anniversary and decided to surprise Tamron with its new commitment.

Tamron is the current host of Deadline: Crime on Investigation Discovery.