Who is Yogi Ferrell? 6 Facts About NBA Point Guard Player

Who is Yogi Ferrell? 6 Facts About NBA Point Guard Player

NBA sensation, Yogi Ferrell was born May 9, 1993, as Kevin Duane Ferrell Jr. He was born in Greenfield, Indiana, to the family of Kevin Ferrell Sr. and Lydia Ferrell. Ferrell was one (the first) of four children of his parents – two younger sisters and a brother whose names are listed as Khloe, Kelsey (sisters), and Kaleb (brother). There is a striking, unique pattern in the way his parents called him and his siblings (I guess you didn’t notice); all four have names beginning with the letter “K”.

Who is Yogi Ferrell?

Yogi Ferrell was a born star! He started playing basketball as a small child, and his parents were very supportive. In elementary school, he played on the basketball team at Lakeside Elementary School, where he showed amazing skills – almost too amazing for his tender age. He was able to take on his teammates one-on-one and leave them in his wake and dribble effectively even with excellent skills.

He attended the Park Tudor School in Indiana and continued on his way to earn an outstanding career in brown leather. During his high school years, Yogi Ferrell led his school team to two 2A IHSAA State Championships; the first based on a record of 26 wins and only two defeats in his junior year and the second in his senior year, where he nearly tripled the score with 17 points, 12 assists and 9 rebounds.

Who is Yogi Ferrell? 6 Facts About NBA Point Guard Player
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Upon graduation, he was ranked as the best player in Indiana in the High Potential Rankings by Rick Bolus. Rivals.com rated Ferrell as the #19 player and #3 point guard in his class and also as “best passer, best speed, and best point guard” in Indiana. He was selected for the McDonald’s All-American Game and finished second (Gary Harris first) for the Indiana Mr. Basketball 2012.

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College Career

Despite offers from other universities, including the universities of Virginia and Florida, Yogi Ferrell decided to stay close to home and enroll at Indiana University Bloomington. It was a clear decision to play for the Hoosiers – the school’s basketball team – and after his outstanding success in the high school game, his lineup with the Hoosiers was eagerly awaited by the team’s fans. With what he brought to the team in his first year, he was considered older than his age in terms of playing experience.

In his first season, the Hoosiers won the Big Ten championship. Personally, he was honored by the coaches and media with a nod to the Big Ten’s All-Freshman Team and All-Big Ten Honorable Mention. In his second year, it was the same when he again secured a place on the second Big Ten team. Ferrell continued his amazing run and broke records while setting new ones along the way. In his youth season, he joined the 1000 point elite and led the team by points and assists for the second year running.

The next season, which was his last year with the Hoosiers, he broke another record by becoming “Assist King” at Indiana University. To put things in perspective, Yogi Ferrell single-handedly put Indiana University in the scheme of things as long as college basketball is involved.

Pro Career of The NBA Point Guard

Everything was ready for the young talented basketball grenade to explode in the professional scene when he declared to join the 2016 NBA Draft. With an overwhelming resume in his arsenal, the best recruiting sites rated him as one of the potentially best candidates for the draft. However, to the shock of so many, he was not recruited at the end of the 2016 draft. He would, however, end up with the Brooklyn Nets after joining them for the NBA Summer League, hoping to win a contract with the team.

Who is Yogi Ferrell? 6 Facts About NBA Point Guard Player
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After impressing in the summer league, Ferrell was offered a contract as a rookie, but this was rescinded months later so that he could play with his sister team in the NBA D-League – the Long Island Nets – until November 2016. After some back and forth (shuffling between the Brooklyn Nets and the Long Island Nets), the Dallas Mavericks took him on and he signed a 10-day contract with them. With the Mavericks he seemed to rediscover his mojo, and a fine vein followed through which Yogi Ferrell broke (and set) several more records in the franchise and also in the NBA.

In February 2017 he signed a 2-year contract with the Mavs and was named “Western Conference Rookie of the Month” in the same month. And this, although he played most of the games from the bench. Due to his impressive playing record, he was voted into the second NBA All-Rookie Team at the end of his first season with the Mavs. After refusing to sign a new contract with the Mavericks in 2018, Yogi Ferrell left the team to join the Sacramento Kings in July of the same year.

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Here Are 6 Lesser Known Facts About Yogi Ferrell

1. height and weight – The new Sacramento Kings point shooter is 6 feet long and weighs 81 kg (178 lb)

2. Basketball was not the only thing the young Yogi Ferrell did in his youth. He is said to have sung in the choir from his 6th to his 12th grade. He is said to have sung in the 6th grade. Quite long!

3. His birth name is Kevin Ferrell Jr. the name “Yogi” comes from the popular cartoon character Yogi Bear. And the reason for this was that his father wanted him to build his own path and not be called “Kevin Ferrell”, which is the same name as his father. And again he loved picnic baskets, just like the cartoon character.

4. Through his development in playing as a child he developed some selfish tendencies. The climax was when he reacted to his younger brother’s jab that he was not good: “Google me! When his father heard this, he decided to exclude him from basketball activities for two years so that he could develop as a child and learn basic morals.

5. During his studies, Ferrell was arrested for underage drinking and possession of a fake ID. He used the ID to gain access to a bar in 2014, shortly before his 21st birthday.

6. He was slandered, or rather, mentioned by name, by rapper Wale in one of his songs, which Yogi, who was with the Dallas Mavericks at the time, took as a compliment. He saw the funny side in it and joked about it on Twitter.