Who Is Trinidad Cardona? Here Are Details You Need To Know About The Musical Artist

Who Is Trinidad Cardona? Here Are Details You Need To Know About The Musical Artist

There are different ways and means by which people get fame and popularity nowadays, and for Trinidad Cardona, it was a song that spread to the public. Interestingly, the song “Jennifer” didn’t go through all the studio stuff that most songs go through, but it still went viral on virtually all social media platforms and brought the teenager all the fame and popularity that he enjoys today.

In January 2018 Island Records hired Trinidad Cardona as CEO of the record company, David Massey said he saw potential in the young artist. Could this be just fate or a miracle? Here you can find out all you need to know about the Afro-Mexican singer, who has won the hearts of many people through his voice/song and is making waves in social media.

Who Is Trinidad Cardona? – Brief Bio

After his video spread, his song Jennifer was on almost every lip and his name was everywhere in the media, and it is only natural that everyone wants to know more about the younger guy who set the internet on fire. We have done some research, and even though there is not so much about his personal information on the internet, here is what we know about him.

Who Is Trinidad Cardona? Here Are Details You Need To Know About The Musical Artist
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Trinidad Cardona was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on May 23, 1999. The always smiling and positive teenager was raised by two lesbian mothers. His father is said to be in prison. He graduated from high school in 2017.

As he grew up, he was confronted with ignorance and many other life issues that never discouraged him. According to him, it is his personal life and personal experiences that drive and inspire him to reach out to people.

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About The Song “Jennifer” And His Online Fame

Funnily enough, the song that brought Trinidad the fame and popularity it now enjoys was neither planned nor intended to be a real song. He was just singing in the toilet and his friend started recording it, and as soon as he finished singing, his friend uploaded the clip online, and what began as a playful freestyle soon turned into a viral hit for the talented teenager.

Barely 24 hours after the clip went online and reached seven million viewers, fans asked him to make a video of it. Trinidad admitted that he had to make a song out of it after the fans had made a four-minute loop of it and the clip had reached one million viewers.

Now the song has different versions. Asked why he made several versions of the song, Trinidad said that the original version was the one that was looped (made by the fans): “We just put it on because the fans preferred that version” and the rap remix was his official version.

By January 2018, the song had collected over 18 million hits on YouTube. After the “Jennifer” video, he released a Jennifer EP, which also included other tracks like “You Are Mine” and “Ready”.

In January he was signed to Island Records, which is known in the Caribbean for hosting major Caribbean talents such as Bob Marley, Gregory Issacs, and many others. The record label’s CEO, David Massey, said he knew Trinidad Cardona was a potential star after hearing “Jennifer” and that he couldn’t resist signing him on the spot. In February 2018, the aspiring R&B star released a new single called “Dinero”.

Who Is Trinidad Cardona? Here Are Details You Need To Know About The Musical Artist

Other Facts You Need To Know About The Musical Artist

Before Trinidad became popular through music online, it was already popular in its hometown and neighborhood. Initially, Trinidad developed a love for the dancehall music genre before moving on to R&B. For example, he listened to Tommy Lee, Popcaan, and Vybz Kartel. Another factor influencing his music is Michael Jackson.

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After the “Jennifer” clip was published on the internet, Kelly Rowland shared it on Facebook. He appeared in Alex Aionos “Does It Feel Like Falling”.

Cardona’s huge online fan base first came from Facebook, where the “Jennifer” clip that made it popular was first uploaded. His account was once hacked, and he had to start from scratch to build his audience.

Trinidad Cardona said he wanted people to take the fact that it’s okay to be different and actually be themselves from his music.