Who Is Regina Spektor’s Husband, Jack Dishel? Her Son, Body, Age

Who Is Regina Spektor’s Husband, Jack Dishel? Her Son, Body, Age

One of the veterans of the New York anti-folk scene, the famous singer and songwriter Regina Spektor, is known for making original, heterogeneous, but always personal music. Born and raised in Moscow until she was nine years old and exposed to the pirated Western pop and rock music of her father, she learned to play the piano early in her life.

When her family finally emigrated to America, the budding singer had the opportunity to immerse herself in American culture and eventually managed to find a balance between her Russian-Jewish roots and her new American culture, which gave her music the uniqueness and distinctiveness that fans enjoy today. Notable among her songs are Fidelity, Orange Is the New Black, You’ve Got Time”, What We Saw from the Cheap Seats, and Remember Us to Life, the title of her seventh album.

Regina Spektor’s Biography (Age)

The famous entertainer Regina Spektor, whose birth name is Regina Ilyinichna Spektor, was born in Moscow on February 18, 1980. Her mother, Bella Spektor, was a professor of music at the Soviet Academy of Music. After her immigration to the United States she returned to teach music at a public elementary school in New York, and her father, Ilya Spektor, works as a photographer and amateur violinist. The singer grew up alongside her brother Boruch – The Bear, whom she portrayed in her song entitled Whisper.

Who Is Regina Spektor’s Husband, Jack Dishel? Her Son, Body, Age
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During her formative years, Regina Spektor mastered the intricacies of the piano by constantly practicing on a Petrof piano, which was a gift from her grandfather to her mother. The rising star grew up with popular Russian bards like Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Vysotsky. Her father, whose hobby was to exchange cassettes with friends in the USSR and get recordings from Eastern Europe, gave her enough contact with rock and roll bands like Moody Blues, Queen, and the Beatles.

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She completed her high school education at Fair Lawn Public School in New Jersey after spending a few years at the Frisch School, which was also located in New Jersey. Until she was 17 years old, the rising star studied classical piano with Sonia Vargas, who was a music professor at the Manhattan School of Music. Regina’s appearance on the anti-folk scene earned her a lot of recognition in downtown New York City, and she began producing and selling her own CDs before being recognized by well-known record companies such as Spire and Shoplifter Records, who took over the production of her later albums.

Who Is Regina Spektor’s Husband, Jack Dishel? Her Son

The singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Jack Dishel is Regina’s husband. In addition to his music career, Jack is also active as an actor, comedian, producer, author, and director. The DRYVRS comedy web series is his spiritual child, and he was the songwriter and vocalist of the hit song Only Son, and also came into play as lead guitarist for the group Moldy Peaches. Just like Regina’s family, Jack’s family members were refugee immigrants from Russia to the USA.

Who Is Regina Spektor’s Husband, Jack Dishel? Her Son, Body, Age
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When they talked about their married life, the couple entered into a marriage on December 18, 2011, after a six-year affair and an engagement that lasted a total of 16 months. Barely two years after their wedding, Regina delivered the news of her pregnancy via her Facebook handle on January 23, 2014, and two months later, in March 2014, the prominent couple welcomed their son.

Jack has performed a duet with Regina Spektor in the past when they joined the voices in the song Call Them Brothers. The couple seems to live in marital bliss, as no rumors or controversy have been heard about them.

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Regina Spektor Body Stats

Although the details of her height are not certain, the talented singer and songwriter weigh a total of 60 kg with general body measurements of 34-28-34 inches. She wears shoe size nine and a dress size six. She prefers long and colorful dresses, which always suit her with her curly dark brown hair and dark red lip fur. It is important to mention that the Russian-born artist was a former vegetarian and a reformed smoker.