Who Is Paulo Costa? His Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Who Is Paulo Costa? His Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Why should someone choose to fight for his livelihood? The question has been asked quite frequently among those who are not big fans of martial arts, and several reasons have been given, many of them believing that it is a profession for those who have anger problems. While this view is not necessarily true, it is a fact that people are satisfied with a career in this field due to various different incentives. For Paulo Costa, his motivation is simple – he is fascinated by fighting.

If you have kept up with the activities of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), then you most likely know a handful of things about this mixed martial artist. Although he is relatively new to the UFC, he jumped on the advancement radar sometime in March 2017 after triumphing over the more experienced South African fighter Garreth Mclellan. Although Costa is a newcomer, he defeated Mclellan, who has been in the UFC since 2015 and defeated him in the first round via TKO. Would you like to know more about this guy? Join in…

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Who Is Paulo Costa?

Since this mixed martial artist is known to many as Paulo Borrachinha and “The Eraser”, he was named Paulo Henrique Costa after he was born on April 21, 1991. His birthplace was in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Even with the fame, Paulo gained through his status as a fighter, details about his upbringing and family are hard to find. Hardly anyone can say what his childhood was like and what happened to his parents and siblings. One thing, however, he is said to have received his nickname Borrachinha from his older brother, the rubber man. Borrachinha means “little rubber-man”.

Who Is Paulo Costa? His Height, Weight, Body Measurements
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According to what we found out, Paulo Costa was a real estate agent before he started fighting. As mentioned before, he started this way because he was fascinated by it, that was 2012. The Brazilian artist is competing today in the middleweight class of the UFC, but he didn’t make his MMA debut with the promotion. He started fighting in his home country.

He lost no time and proved that he is a good fighter. Aside from not losing, he became the Mineiro Champion in Jiu-Jitsu, MMA Face-to-Face Event Middleweight Champion, and the Jungle Fight Event. Given this, it was no surprise when he was selected to fight in The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3rd As Pablo’s performance in the UFC-produced reality series was remarkable, it paved the way for his UFC debut in 2017.

After making a big entrance by defeating McLellan, The Eraser continued to fight Oluwale Bamgbose. In the second round, he triumphed over the Nigerian and American through TKO. Paulo and the UFC would face a small financial problem if a new contract was signed. This was solved after he fought and beat Johny Hendricks. So far the Brazilian fighter is undefeated, having won all 12 fights; 11 by knockout and one by submission.

His Height, Weight, And Body Measurements

Even though many now consider skill, experience, and intelligence to be the most important factors that determine the winner of a fight between two competing fighters, no martial arts expert would deny that there are certain disadvantages caused by the physical characteristics of a fighter, especially size and weight.

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Larger MMA fighters often have an advantage when dealing with smaller fighters with the same abilities as themselves. The weight classes in martial arts are designed to cope with this and keep things as balanced as possible.

Unfortunately, nothing has (can) be done to manage the size advantage. While, for example, the smaller fighter would have to punch upwards and would have a hard time reaching the opponent with his punches, the larger fighter would have a distinct advantage as he could fire his shots from a safe distance, reach his targets and easily dodge the one aimed at him.

Paulo Costa has little to worry about in terms of height, as he is one centimeter taller than 6 feet (6′ 1″). The size is perfect for his weight of 84 kg (185 lb). His range is 72 centimeters and his leg range is 39 centimeters.