Who Is Narcissa Wright, What Happened To Her Twitch, What Is She Up To?

Who Is Narcissa Wright, What Happened To Her Twitch, What Is She Up To?

Narcissa Wright is a legendary speedrunner who is considered one of the most famous and successful speedrunners of all time. She is celebrated for discovering the infamous glitch that allowed speedrunners to escape from the challenging opening forest without beating the Deku tree in the game – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Narcissa was born on July 21, 1989, as Cosmo Wright. She only changed her name to Narcissa Wright after she came out as a transwoman in 2016. Wright grew up in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. After high school, she attended Columbia College Chicago, where she studied graphic design and after graduation worked as a freelance art and web designer.

Wright began playing games at a very tender age, and by the age of four she was growing up playing games and playing with friends. They played games ranging from Smash on the N64 to Melee on the Gamecube, Soul Calibur, and many other related games. Back when she started speedrunning, she joined some old communities to play. Around 2006, as Ocarina of Time gained popularity, she actually joined speedrunning because she really enjoyed playing it.

Who Is Narcissa Wright, What Happened To Her Twitch, What Is She Up To?Who Is Narcissa Wright, What Happened To Her Twitch, What Is She Up To?
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She explored, played, and enjoyed the game to the point of becoming a champion. Wright collected practically everything there was to collect in the game until there was nothing left to collect, but then there was something new to do. She began spending her time looking for more new material and deciphering new ways to break up the game. Eventually, she worked her way up to setting the world record for the fastest ocarina of time run until she set a new world record and then her own record.

Recently Narcissa took a break from speed running due to some serious health problems, especially with her hands. She began to have some pain in her hands, which she attributed to the long hours of speedrunning. She added that the pain in her wrist got worse when Smash Wii U came out, as she was playing about 11,500 games.

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Narcissa Wright – What Happened To Her Twitch?

Narcissa has a lot of traffic on her Twitch Social Media account. She currently has over 30.4 million hits on her fast-moving streams. She was also one of the first Twitch people to regularly reach 4000 viewers. Her streams on Twitch were also largely the main source of income until she personally closed her account in April 2016, citing public harassment and so much hate on the Internet.

All this happened after her announcement of transition received a steady stream of hate and malicious comments on social media. She tweeted that she was so unhappy with the internet and that it sucked because she considered the internet as her second home where she could be herself without being judged or criticized.

Unfortunately, Twitch was unable to help keep the hate speeches made about her under control. According to a Twitch spokesperson, the company does not comment on individual members and allows users to ban or disable people, disable posting of links, ban certain words and use moderators on their behalf for police chat.

Who Is Narcissa Wright, What Happened To Her Twitch, What Is She Up To?
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Nevertheless, despite the harassment she has seen, she has increased her efforts to stream every movement to give herself another public identity besides speedrunning.

On May 14, 2018, Twitch granted Narcissa an indefinite suspension, which currently brings her Twitch activities to a halt. She admitted that she does not know exactly why Twitch decided to ban her, but it may not be independent of the fact that she violated some of Twitch’s terms of service when it comes to “nudity or sexual behavior/clothing”.

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What Is She Up To?

If you think Narcissa Wright is bothered by the ban, you are actually thinking in the wrong direction. According to the strong-willed steamer, the twitch-barrier hasn’t bothered her in any way, because in the meantime she wants to set up her tent on YouTube.

However, she admitted that her income will definitely be affected by the ban, but added that she had the feeling that she would make it or that she might be fine? I hope so. I am an optimist”.