Who Is Judd Hirsch? His Age, Kids, What Happened To His Eyes?

Who Is Judd Hirsch? His Age, Kids, What Happened To His Eyes?

Proving himself in Hollywood is no easy task; but since the beginning of his career in 1959, Judd Hirsch has managed to remain relevant even decades later. Those who have seen and loved the Hollywood classics Independence Day and A Beautiful Mind will most likely know the veteran actor. But those who may not know his need not worry, we are here to introduce him to you.

Who Is Judd Hirsch? Bio & Age

Judd Seymore Hirsch, born on March 15, 1935, is an award-winning, veteran American actor. Judd, who was born in the Bronx, is the eldest of Sally and Joseph Hirsch’s two sons.

The young actor attended DeWitt Clinton High School, which he graduated from in 1952. He then moved to the City College of New York, where he graduated in physics.

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After the death of his father, Judd took over the responsibility of caring for the family and enlisted in the U.S. Army. After serving in the U.S. Army, he worked as an engineer with the Westinghouse Electric Company before finding work in the theater.

Who Is Judd Hirsch? His Age, Kids, What Happened To His Eyes?
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Over the last decades, Judd Hirsch has made a name for himself in film, television, and theater. He has been praised for his ability to take on and effortlessly switches between roles in television, feature films, and theater, placing him in an exclusive league of exceptionally talented actors.

Although he made frequent appearances on television in the 1970s, Judd Hirsch did not achieve fame and glory until his starring role as Alex Rieger in the popular sitcom “Taxi”, which ran from 1978 to 1983. His performance in the series earned him the Emmy Award twice, in 1981 and 1983, as the leading actor in a comedy series. After the end of “Taxi”, he then appeared in another sitcom “Dear John”, in which, despite the modest success of the sitcom, his talent earned him a Golden Globe Award as best actor in a television series in a comedy or musical.

Judd Hirsch’s talent continued to shine in his film appearances, and he even received an Oscar nomination for his role in the drama film “Ordinary People” (1980). In 1996 he played the father of the character of Jeff Goldblum in the blockbuster Independence Day and in 2001 he played a professor in the critically acclaimed film A Beautiful Mind.

Judd Hirsch still shone in the theater. For his performance in Conversations with My Father, a play by Herb Gardner, he received a Tony Award for the best performance of a leading actor in a play. His leading role in “I’m Not Rappaport” also earned him another Tony Award in 1986.

Judd Hirsch continues to express his talent in many works and has appeared in various television programs and films to this day. Some of his other roles include appearances in Tower Heist, The Blacklist, The Meyerowitz Stories, Altered Minds, The Goldbergs, Superior Donuts, Numbers, Damages, and Maron.

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Judd Hirsch – Net Worth

Judd Hirsch is currently worth 12 million dollars. The amount is certainly well-deserved for the award-winning American actor, who has a lifelong acting career and appears in classic television shows, films, and plays. Since he is still very active in the entertainment industry, this amount is likely to increase in the near future.

Wife and Kids

Who Is Judd Hirsch? His Age, Kids, What Happened To His Eyes?
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Judd Hirsch married Elisa Sadaune for the first time in 1963. The couple had a son, Alex Hirsch Music, who was born in 1966. Unfortunately, the marriage of Judd and Elisa ended in 1967. After living as a bachelor for decades, the actor married the fashion designer Bonni Sue Chalkin in 1992. Unfortunately, this was another marriage that could not survive the probationary period, as the two finally divorced in 2005. From his second marriage to Bonni, Judd Hirsch has a daughter, Montana, and a son, London.

What Happened to His Eyes?

Apart from his talent, Judd Hirsch is known for his eyes, which are clearly different in color, with the pupil of his left eye visibly smaller than that of his right eye. This condition is known as anisocoria and is believed to affect about 20% of the human population. Although anisocoria is usually harmless, it can also be a symptom of more serious medical problems.

It was found that the actor’s eyes did not always look like this, and it is believed that he had suffered some kind of trauma that caused the disease.