Who Is Inka Williams, How Old Is She And What Did She Do To Become Famous?

Who Is Inka Williams, How Old Is She And What Did She Do To Become Famous?

Inka Williams only started modeling professionally three years ago, but when you see the beauty, elegance, and competence she displays – whether, on the pages of Vogue or Elle, you would think she modeled from the womb. But that may not be far from the truth, because the French-Australian blogger who became a model has been appearing on magazine pages since she was six months old.

The local model of Bali went to London in May 2017 to live her dream of becoming an internationally recognized model. Currently, Stargirl has also modeled with IMG models for big names such as H&M, BeBe, Red Earth, Ripcord, Supre, and Swarovski. She was also featured on Vogue.com and in Elle Magazine Australia.

The doe-eyed blonde model is also hot on social media, she has a million followers on Instagram alone. Here are more facts you should know about them.

Who Is Inka Williams, How Old Is She?                  

Williams was born in Melbourne, Australia on September 9, 1999. She spent her first years in Australia before her family moved to Bali, Indonesia.

Who Is Inka Williams, How Old Is She And What Did She Do To Become Famous?
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According to Inca, her parents had stayed in Bali for about 19 years before she was born, but they decided that she should be born in her father’s hometown, Melbourne, and as soon as it took only a few weeks to arrive, they moved to Australia.

As soon as she was old enough to get on a plane, her parents brought her to Bali, where she had lived her whole life until 2015 when she moved to London to work full-time as a model.

She really appreciates having grown up in Bali. She revealed that it gave her the opportunity to learn many languages and be surrounded by an amazing group of friends with a special culture and a loving family. She is a graduate of Canggu Community School, Bali.

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What Did She Do To Become Famous?

Modeling is something that Inka Williams has always been interested in. In fact, she started modeling when she was just six months old. She was sighted and represented by a model agency based in Bali – Starz Modelagentur.

She was one of the models who took part in the campaign for Hello Molly, where they wore make-up by Lidija Jevremovic. Inka has also modeled for Spell Designs, O’Neil, UNIF, Volcom, Rhythm Gir, Rip Curl, and Carolina Herrera.

The Balinese soon began to gain popularity and were quickly introduced on Vogue.com. This probably helped to increase their Instagram following just over a million. She currently works at IMG Models.

The beauty of Bali has also been discovered by international superstars, including Justin Beiber, who invited her to hang out while he was on holiday in Sydney. According to her, she was already at the airport at that time and had to answer to let him know that he sent her a message on Twitter again and said: “Sorry I missed you”.

However, she asked him to inform her if he decided to visit Bali. She said that future communication was not impossible because she had his number and he followed her on Twitter.

Asked if she would like to go out with someone famous, Inka said she had no problem with her longtime boyfriend Zak and would not want anyone to be famous. The hot model is in a relationship with Zak Henry.

Who Is Inka Williams, How Old Is She And What Did She Do To Become Famous?
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Quick Facts

Inka Williams’ personal style is quite simple. She usually keeps it casual, unless she finds herself in a social environment, in which case she needs to upgrade her clothes with jewelry and perhaps sneakers or boots with heels.

She is a big fan of Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Angel Candice from Victoria’s Secret.

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Her favorite local shop is the local vintage market

She loves smoothie so much that if she wasn’t a model she would have started her own smoothie business, yes, she loves smoothie so much.

Williams had always thought of herself as an amazing singer until she started recording, heard herself singing, and decided to settle for modeling.