Who is George Takei’s Husband, How Much is He Worth?

Who is George Takei’s Husband, How Much is He Worth?

Everyone who has followed the Star Trek franchise since its foundation obviously knows the name, George Takei’s. Who can forget the man who played the role of Hikaru Sulu, the pilot of the USS Enterprise, in a hurry?

The actor, director, activist, and author has millions of followers on social media. This is probably due to his public commitment and support for the cause of the LGBT movement. He has received numerous recognitions for this and for his work on Japan-US relations. It is worth noting that his desire to build this intercultural understanding goes back to his experiences during World War II when he was interned in a US-led concentration camp.

Takei’s story is a prime example of how anyone can succeed despite their sexual orientation or previous experiences.

George Takei’s Life and Career

George was named after his father, Takekuma Norman, after King George VI of the United Kingdom. He was born on 20 April 1937 in Los Angeles, California. From 1942 George and his family spent several years in three different US concentration camps in California and Arkansas. After the war, his family moved to Los Angeles, where George attended Mount Vernon Junior High School, and then Los Angeles High School, where he became President of the Boy’s Division.

Who is George Takei’s Husband, How Much is He Worth?
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He then studied architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, and earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in theater studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. He also studied acting at the now-defunct Desilu Workshop in Hollywood.

George began his career as a narrator for the English adaptation of the Japanese monster film Godzilla Raids Again. In the following years, he worked on everything from Broadway shows to television series and movies. In the 1960s he was mainly involved in films such as A Majority of One; Hell Forever; Mission Impossible; The Green Berets and The Big Mouth. For these roles, he was allowed to walk alongside great actors like Frank Sinatra, Jeffrey Hunter, James Caan, and Jerry Lewis.

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The Japanese-American actor became famous when he was cast as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu. He resumed this role in the first six episodes of the Star Trek franchise. In the 60s and 70s, he also appeared on television and in cartoon series adaptations of Star Trek.

After the success of Star Trek, George had a short stint in politics. He ran for a seat on Los Angeles City Council in 1973 and for California State Council in 1980. He lost the race in 1973 and retired from a race in 1980. In the 1990s and 2000s, he took on further roles in films and television series. These included Return from the River Kwai, Bloody Oath, Heroes, Boston Legal, Larry Crowne, and Loyalty. Not to mention short appearances in some Star Trek-inspired series.

In June 2006, George Takei joined the cast of the Howard Stern Show as an announcer. Over the years, he has received positive reviews from fans of the show for his wit, open-hearted humor, and frankness.

In January 2014, the documentary To Be Takei, which highlights his career and activism, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and received positive reviews. Takei was also involved in a documentary film about gays and their stereotypical speech patterns. It was entitled to Do I Sound Gay?

At various times he has been a speaker and promoter for various companies such as Rooms To Go and Pizza Hut.

Takei has received numerous awards in his life. In 1986 he got his own star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. In 2004, he received the title of “Order of the Rising Sun, Golden Rays with Rosette”. This was awarded to him by the Japanese government for his services to American-Japanese relations. He has also won a lifetime achievement award, the LGBT Humanist Award, the GLAAD Vito Russo Award, and many more.

In 1994, NASA dedicated a newly discovered asteroid to the actor-veteran and named it Asteroid 7307 Takei.

Who is George Takei’s husband?

Who is George Takei’s Husband, How Much is He Worth?
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For those who have known George the longest, his sexual orientation has never been a secret, as he has never tried to hide it from those he has worked with since his Star Trek days. George Takei is married to a man named Brad Altman, with whom he was with for eighteen years before his sexuality was made public in October 2005. This happened after the then Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, vetoed same-sex marriage in California.

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George’s love for his partner runs deep when he once described Altman as a saint for helping him care for his terminally ill mother. Takei, who has traveled extensively to talk about his career and love life as a gay Japanese-American gay man, married Altman in 2008 and was the first couple to receive their marriage license in West Hollywood. On September 14, 2008, Takei and Altman entered into the bond of marriage at the Democracy Forum of the Japanese-American National Museum.

George and his husband appeared on the British game show All-Star Mr & Mrs in February 2010. They were only the second same-sex couple to appear on the show.

How much is He Worth?

George Takei’s now in the final round of his career, but he has certainly done enough to leave a legacy that will be hard to forget. His most successful period was in the days of the Star Trek boom. The pay the actors receive today is much higher than it was in the ’60s. This contributes to the fact that Takei’s net worth is less than many expect. If one adds in his advertisements and brand ambassadors, Takei’s net worth is $12 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, while his partner Brad Altman is said to have a net worth of about $1.3 million according to online sources.