Who is Gaten Matarazzo, Is He A Relation To Heather Matarazzo, His Age, Net Worth

Who is Gaten Matarazzo, Is He A Relation To Heather Matarazzo, His Age, Net Worth

Gaten Matarazzo is a young American actor who is celebrating great success on television. He started his career with a role in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert as Benjamin, and currently plays the role of Dustin Henderson in the science fiction series Stranger Things.

His personality is not undisputed, because there is another actor with the same name as him. Find out everything about this mixed identity case and some background information about the young actor.

Who is Gaten Matarazzo? His Age

Gaten, whose full name is Gaten John Matarazzo III, was born in the early millennium; in 2002, on September 8th in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, to Gaten Matarazzo Sr. and Heather Matarazzo. He has two other siblings named Sabrina and Carmen Matarazzo who have appeared in television commercials.

Who is Gaten Matarazzo, Is He A Relation To Heather Matarazzo, His Age, Net Worth
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He was born with a rare form of a genetic disorder known as cleidocranial dysplasia, which causes delayed development of the bones in the skull, face, and teeth. It is a milder form of the disease, as it has been classified as non-genetic. He was born without a collarbone, still has milk teeth, and uses dentures to help himself. On the positive side, Gaten uses his fame as a television celebrity to draw attention to the disease. As a student, he was harassed by an older student who did not understand why his shoulders looked the way they did.

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Today, the young celebrity raises awareness of the issue and collects donations for CCD Smiles, an organization that subsidizes the cost of oral surgery for patients with cleidocranial dysostosis. His sister recently launched a Facebook campaign aimed at raising funds for this organization, just as the proceeds from his T-shirt line go directly into the coffers of CCD Smiles. On his social media pages, he keeps his fans informed about the various events he will be attending and also encourages them to donate to CCD Smiles.

Gaten Matarazzo began his career as an actor at a young age. At the Palace Theatre, he played the role of Benjamin in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and in 2014 he brought to life the role of Gavroche/Petit Gervais in Les Misérables, which was shown on the stage of the Imperial Theatre.

As a result, he made his television debut in 2015: The Kenyon Family (No. 71) on the blacklist as a Finn. Dustin Henderson is obviously his biggest role so far, playing in Stranger Things since 2016. In 2017, he appeared in episode 7 season 10 of the film entitled Ridiculousness as himself, and in the same year, he had three notable appearances in music videos such as Swish Swish by Katy Perry with Nicki Minaj, Lost Boys Life by Darren & Chuck Criss and finally Jimmy Fallon’s Golden Globes 2017 Opening.

Gaten Matarazzo has received four award nominations for his work in the entertainment industry to date, of which he has won two. He won the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for his role in Stranger Things, in addition to the Shorty Awards for Best Actor in Stranger Things.

Is He A Relation To Heather Matarazzo?

The fame of Gaten Matarazzo has taken an interesting turn, he shares the same surname with the actress who played the character Lilly in Princess Diaries. It becomes all the more interesting when his mother has exactly the same name as the actress in question – Heather Matarazzo. Now the question arises: “Is he related to Heather Matarazzo?

Now, to answer this, Wikibily.com did some research and verified the identity of the two actresses and found a 2016 tweet from Heather in which she categorically stated that she was in no way related to the young, talented Gaten Matarazzo. Note that Heather is also not married and has never given birth to a child.

Who is Gaten Matarazzo, Is He A Relation To Heather Matarazzo, His Age, Net Worth
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Having established the first fact that the two television stars are not related, the foundation will now question the inclusion of Garen’s mother in the twist. The name of Gaten Matarazzo’s mother is Heather Matarazzo, exactly the same name as the actress of the Princess Diary. This can simply be two different people answering the same name. While we have a certain Heather Matarazzo as an actress, we have another Heather Matarazzo as an actor’s mother.

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The Princess Diary actress – Heather Matarazzo has her full name as Heather Christina Marie Matarazzo and was born on November 10, 1982, in Oyster Bay New York. She is the daughter of Camile (mother, housewife) and Ray Matarazzo (father, data processing manager). Heather was adopted and raised by the Matarazzo’s. She is of Irish descent and grew up in a Catholic Italian-American family.

Net Worth

Gaten is still a young actor, and money shouldn’t be his biggest concern right now, but it should be a matter of continuing to develop his career. Nevertheless, he is well paid for his work so far. From these salaries, the young actor has accumulated a net worth that is conservatively estimated by some online sources at around $2 million, while others attribute a generous value of up to $4 million to him.