Who Exactly is Ethan Wacker and How Old is He? Here Are The Facts

Who Exactly is Ethan Wacker and How Old is He? Here Are The Facts

Fame, they say, begins when you expose yourself to the world, and that’s exactly what Ethan Wacker did when he broke into the entertainment scene as a child actor in Disney Junior. He may just be a kid, but he certainly makes waves and kicks up more dust than many other older actors and entertainers he met in the game. Many people know him, but there is a lot that has not been revealed about the rising star.

Who Exactly is Ethan Wacker and How Old is He?

Ethan Wacker is a young lad in the world of entertainment, someone who has shown that hard work really pays off. He was born on May 8, 2002, in Hawaii, the son of parents Richard F. Wacker and Eileen Wacker, who are of white American ethnicity. He has three siblings, an older brother Christian and two sisters, Olivia and Natalie Wacker. For someone so young, he has certainly achieved a lot in the industry, his age has never been a limit to his career, and he has climbed so high that many say he is nearing his peak.

In kindergarten, Ethan Wacker was nicknamed Weed Wacker. He loves basketball and is a big fan of the Bolton Celtics and Gordon Hayward, who is known as a professional basketball player and all-star striker in the NBA’s Boston Celtics.

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Who Exactly is Ethan Wacker and How Old is He? Here Are The Facts
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Despite all his commitments, Ethan Wacker never neglects his family, he respects family gatherings and does not take them for granted. His father Richard F. Wacker is an actor, his mother Eileen Wacker is a writer.

Career Paths and Beginning

Ethan blew his trumpet in the entertainment world after the premiere of Bizaardvark, where he played the role of Bernie. Not only does he act, but he also has a YouTube site where he uploads videos and makes a lot of money. Besides his portfolio, he also works as a moderator.

Ethan started acting at the age of thirteen, and at that time he was best known for his role in The stinky and Dirty Snow, where he used his voice. He worked for Disney and also played in Miles from Tomorrow, Buzaarduark, and K.C. Undercover. He is also busy blogging as a member of the Squad 7 YouTube channel before taking the bold step of creating his own channel in 2015.

He has been active in the social world and has more than 1 million subscribers on his Instagram page, more than 26k followers on his Facebook account, more than 35k followers on his Twitter account, more than 1.9 million followers on his Instagram account, and more than 257k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

His work schedule ranges from Hawaii to LA, he loves traveling and skiing, he loves French fries and fruit, and is a big fan of all things sporty. Moreso, he has a preference for four-wheeled vehicles.

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Who Exactly is Ethan Wacker and How Old is He? Here Are The Facts
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Here Are The Facts About Ethan Wacker

1. He has always been a lover of the Disney world, he mentioned that he started watching Disney movies at a very tender age

2. He forms a great bond with people and is a super friendly person, maybe his sweet smile makes all the magic. He is close to almost all his crew members in Bizaardvark, especially Jake Paul, who recently left the show and caused Ethan a lot of pain.

3. His father Richard Wacker is his idol, he is also a big fan of Stephen Amell from Arrow and he looks up to Steve Carrell.

4. He sees a full light in acting and is looking forward to playing more interesting scenes in the near future

5. Apart from the world of acting, he once said that he would love to be in a debate and make a career out of tennis and paddling. He loves dogs.

6 His love for Jake Paul began in the Bizaardvark scene, but it grew after Jake became his inspiration for opening a YouTube channel.

7. His YouTube username is imethanwacker.

8. Ethan is a lover of the color green and ice cream.

9. He loves to cook and could be adventurous in the kitchen.

10. His YouTube income has been set at $10,000, while his total net worth from all ventures and his acting career has been set at $300,000, including all his possessions and assets.