Who Are The 8 Passengers Members, What Are They Up To Now?

Who Are The 8 Passengers Members, What Are They Up To Now?

The 8 passengers are the name of a YouTube channel with the eight-member Franke family. The channel was established in January 2015 and consists of Kevin and Ruby Franke as father and mother and six superactive children named Shari, Chad, Julie, Abby, Russell, and Eve Franke. They usually upload funny, exciting, and epic family videos. Ruby Franke’s first video was a documentary of her last child Eve and her early life. The station reached a milestone of one million viewers in August 2017 and has since gained a much larger fan base. It is really fun to watch them.

Who Are The 8 Passengers Members?

Father And Mother

1. Kevin Franke

He is the father of the Franke family and the patriarch of the 8 passengers. He mainly takes care of directing and shooting their videos. Kevin was born on October 9, 1978. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Utah State University, which he graduated magna cum laude. YouTuber received his master’s degree from the University of Washington and his doctorate from Brigham Young University. He served as a professional geotechnical engineering consultant for seven years. Currently, Kevin is an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Brigham Young University. His star sign is Libra.

Who Are The 8 Passengers Members, What Are They Up To Now?
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2. Ruby Franke

She is the mother of the Franke family and matriarch of the 8 passengers. She started the YouTube channel to record the early beginnings of her baby Eve. Ruby Franke was born on January 18, 1982, in Chad and Jennifer Griffiths in Utah, USA. She and her four siblings spent much time together during their childhood. The way her mother raised her as part of what inspired her to embrace family and motherhood in such a fashionable way. She comes up with various ideas and themes that make the station more interesting. Ruby educated her children at home by sharing some of these moments on the channel, and she also gives parenting tips to her fans. Her star sign is Capricorn.

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3. Shari Franke

She is the oldest of six children. She was named after her grandmother Frankie. Shari was born on March 3, 2003. The talented teenager also has her own channel on YouTube, where she publishes make-up tutorials and tells stories among many other videos. However, her channel is monitored by her parents and she has over 100,000 viewers and counting. She hosts the giveaway events and distributes various gifts in the name of her parents. During the summer she suffers from skin allergies and suffers from nyctophobia, acrophobia, and apiphobia. She loves writing, sketching, and listening to country music. Her star sign is Pisces

4. Chad Franke

He was born in Seattle almost two years after the Sharia, on February 2, 2005. He first appeared on the third video on their YouTube channel. You can see him at home doing housework and teaching music. Chad is responsible for the “naming baby food challenge” that spread and also for the “make-up challenge” where his mother had to apply make-up to his face. He also has videos on the channel where he talks about puberty, his first crush, and his first shave, which all spread. He loves American football and says that one day he will play for the “Washington Huskies”. He loves pizza and his mother’s homemade food. Chad also has a special interest in animals, his star sign is Aquarius and he is currently 1.52 m tall and still growing.

5. Abby Franke

She is the third child of the Franke family born on April 14, 2007, in Utah, USA. She is camera-shy and does not appear on YouTube like the rest of the family. Although her appearances on her videos are always remarkable. She is especially obsessed with her birthday. She is also an avid harp player. Abby loves beaches and vacations with her family. Her favorite holiday destination is Hawaii. She also loves strawberries and plays basketball. Abby is a very private person and loves to spend time alone. Her favorite subject in school is science, and her special interest is studying cards. Her star sign is Aries.

6. Julie Franke

Julie was born on January 11, 2009, and her star sign is Capricorn. She is the fourth child of the Franke family and was introduced on the second video on the YouTube channel, “Meet the Passengers – Julie”, when she was just six years old. The video contained clips from her first day at school when she started walking until her first day at school, it was an instant viral success. Fans love Julie for her confidence in the camera and her amazing attitude. She loves to sing.

7. Russell Franke

He is the fifth child in The Passengers and was born on July 9, 2011. He appears regularly on the channel and brings color to the family activities. He is best known for his cute smile. His star sign is cancer.

8. Eve Franke

She was born on September 1, 2013, the youngest and last child of the Franke family. The video “The making of Eve” was her first video on YouTube, it showed her birth story. Eve was also featured in other videos that went viral, including the video “Baby Climbs Out of the Crib”, one of her most viewed videos. Her star sign is Virgo.

Who Are The 8 Passengers Members, What Are They Up To Now?
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What Are They Up To Now

Basically, since their lives have been in the public eye for so long, they are simply living the lives of rock stars who have made such a fortune by advertising on their YouTube channel. One thing is for sure: The eight passengers wouldn’t want to stop so quickly, although their parents admit that when the kids grow up and go to college, they probably won’t be able to shoot as many videos as they’d like. So right now, the family is trying to create as much refreshing content as possible until the time comes when life separates them.

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8 Passengers Net Worth And Other Facts

1. The 8 passengers own merchandise and a website where they sell cups, polos, pants, and a lot of other things with many customers.

2. They also make sponsored videos in cooperation with companies like Warren Orthodontics, ThredUP, Maytag Vacuums, Cozmo, Kleenex, Crock-Pot, and many others.

3. Kevin also earns a high, undisclosed salary as a professor.

4. The family has an intense love for animals in general, they live in Utah, USA, with their dog named Nolly.

5. The family of 8 passengers is Mormon religious and they are related to other YouTube families such as the Griffiths Live Vlogs, Deru Crew Vlogs, Ellie and Jared, and Bonnie Hoellein.

6. Their net worth is over $1 million