What is Yao Ming’s Height, Weight, Waist, Chest, Neck, Shoe Size?

What is Yao Ming’s Height, Weight, Waist, Chest, Neck, Shoe Size?

A word that describes the height of Yao Ming of 7 feet 6 inches is gigantic. Yao Ming’s height is 7 feet 6 inches. On paper, a person taller than 7 feet may not seem very tall; wait until you meet the person in reality. Shock and amazement is what the scene will describe.

Yao Ming has always been a popular discussion point when it comes to height, although he retired from professional basketball many years ago. For some, he is considered a perfect example of what can come out of China, a country populated mainly by below-average citizens (usually less than 5ft 9inch). Others see or saw in him an intimidating figure for the West, where it is not unusual to meet unusually tall people. Be that as it may, Yao Ming has cut himself a piece of history as one of the greatest people.

Who is Yao Ming?

Yao Ming is a retired Chinese basketball player who has played professionally in his country, China, as well as in the American NBA. He was born in Shanghai, China on September 12, 1980, and is the only child of Yao Zhiyuan (father) and Fang Fengdi (mother). Both his parents were quite tall and played basketball actively as professionals in China. The father is 201 cm (6ft 7 in) tall, while the mother is 190 cm (6 ft 3 in) tall. It is no wonder that Yao Ming inherited her genes and even grew much taller. His height was exceptionally high from birth and also during his childhood. When he was 10 years old, Yao Ming was already 1.5 m (168 cm) tall. Because of his height, Ming was enrolled to play basketball with much older children, a step that greatly improved his abilities.

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Yao Ming Height at His Prime

Due to the genetic makeup and possibly after a certain diet, Ming grew relatively fast compared to normal children. In fact, doctors, surprised by his size, predicted at the age of 9 years that he would reach 220 cm (7feet 3 inches) in his prime. But he exceeded their expectations and reached a height of 229 cm (7feet 6 inches).

As a teenager, he was drafted for the senior team of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). After helping his team win the championship, he was recruited by the Houston Rockets in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was a big figure not only in China but also in the USA. The average basketball player is usually about 6 feet 7 inches tall. The biggest players are 7 feet tall. But Yao Ming, who stood at 7ft 6inches, was really something special. In fact, he outshone players like Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq), Kareem Abdul Jamal, who was one of the biggest (7ft 1 inch). At the end of the season, he was the biggest active player in the NBA.

Yao Ming’s weight

Yao Ming was not only big but also heavy. At birth, he weighed 5.0 kg (11 pounds), while a normal baby weighs between 6 and 7.5 pounds (2.8 to 3.4 kg). His weight was almost twice the standard weight. When he was fully grown, he weighed about 141kg (310lbs). His huge weight and size led to him being nicknamed The Great Wall of “Yao”, The “Ming” Dynasty, Chairman Yao, and other names representing gigantic things.

His presence on the basketball court was also noticeable as he could stand up and block shots (attempts) from opposing players and it was difficult to take the ball away from him. Prior to his retirement in July 2011 due to ankle injuries that had put him offside for two seasons and left him missing 250 games, Yao Ming had appeared 8 times for the Houston Rockets and played in 6 seasons of a career that spanned from 2003 to 2011.

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Yao Ming waist, chest, neck, hand length, span, shoe size, and other measurements

Records show that the Chinese professional basketball had a waist of 79 cm (36 inches). For a normal person who is as active as a basketball player, this is slightly higher, but for a player standing 6 inches at 7 feet, the waist is small.

He also had a relatively large chest that measured 42 inches (92cm) while his neck was 16 inches (35cm). Ming also had very large palms (hand length) of 22 cm (10 inches), which people described as shovels. His wingspan (length from the tip of the middle finger of one hand to the other in a horizontal position) was 7 feet (226 cm). Large was also his ears, which were jokingly described as fleshy saucers. Yao Ming wears shoe size 18(US) or 22(UK). Compared to a normal human being, Yao Ming’s height, weight, height, and other physical characteristics are extraordinary.