What Is Orlando Brown Doing Now, Is He Married and Who Are His Kids?

What Is Orlando Brown Doing Now, Is He Married and Who Are His Kids?

Apart from being an actor, Orlando Brown is also a rapper and is admired for the various characters he has portrayed on Disney television shows. His fame has touched the skies after playing the lead role in Disney’s That’s So Raven as Eddie, for which he won a Young Artist Award in 2005. Some of his other notable roles are in Family Matters, Two of a Kind, and Major Payne. Although Brown has not been an active actor lately, he has not lost his place in the spotlight. For one thing, the actor has had many run-ins with the law for reasons ranging from domestic violence to obstruction of justice to drug possession. Let’s take a look at what he did and the facts about his love life.

Here’s What Orlando Brown Has Been Up To

Although he has been missing for several years on both the small and the large screens, he has recently appeared frequently as a perpetrator on the television screen. Orlando Brown has been arrested in many cities for illegal behavior, which has put him in prison for some time. He was first arrested in February 2016 for drug possession, obstruction of justice, and domestic violence. Two years later he was arrested again, but in another city: Barstow, California.

On the charges against him, including assault on a spouse and possession of harmful substances, Brown obtained a prison sentence. In the following months, he was again arrested for trespassing after breaking into a restaurant.

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Orlando Brown, who has been a drug addict for a long time, visited a psychiatric treatment facility in September 2018. Previously he had been in rehab for drug problems. In a recent interview with Dr. Phil, the actor revealed that he was addicted to marijuana and crystal meth. He even sold the latter to make ends meet. Brown also had problems with alcohol, especially vodka. Although he claims to have been sober for more than three years, the music artist has made headlines on several occasions for his erratic behavior, prompting his friends, who fear he is close to death, to seek help on his behalf by contacting Dr. Phil.

What Is Orlando Brown Doing Now, Is He Married and Who Are His Kids?
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As a result of his eccentric portrayal in the show, Orlando Brown received an offer to be treated in a California facility, which he accepted. At the time of writing this article, he had completed the treatment program and moved on to the release of a single entitled “Empire”.

His Rise to Stardom

Brown made his television debut as a child actor in 1995. After his debut, he was cast in other works, including the television movie Family Values as Chuckie and Major Payne, in which he played the role of the tiger. Brown quickly gained a foothold in the industry and was cast more regularly. His groundbreaking roles came in 1996 with TV series like Waynehead and Family Matters. He also got roles in other series like Malcolm & Eddie, Sister, Sister, The Pretender, The Wayans Bro, Friend and Foes, One on One, Safe Harbor, and Hell’s Kitchen.

His talent and skills were more widely recognized and brought him roles on the big screen in the early 2000s. His films include Perfect Game (2000), a dubbing role in The Tangerine Bear (2000), Max Keebles Big Move (2001), Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off (2003), and Suits on the Loose (2005).

Orlando became a Disney star in 2001 after appearing as Travis Elliot in an episode of the series Lizzie McGuire. He then sang the roles of Sticky Webb in Disney’s animated series The Proud Family (2001-2005) and the title character Cornelius Fillmore in Filmore (2002-2004). He established his claim to fame when he portrayed Edward “Eddie” Thomas in That’s So Raven from 2003 to 2007.

He also began his musical career in collaboration with the Disney Channel. Orlando Brown was part of the Disney Channel Circle of Stars and recorded many songs, including the theme songs of That’s So Raven, Circle of Life (2004), Little By Little (2006), and A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (2008). He soon went solo, explored the hip-hop genre, and released his debut album, Trade it All, in 2006. He has also worked with artists such as Akon, Sean Kingston, Raven Symoné, and Rayven Justice.

Has Orlando Brown Ever Been Married?

Orlando Brown is not married but has had a number of relationships in the past. He had an affair with his co-star from That’s So Raven, Anneliese van der Pol, who has been working in the film industry for more than two decades. The former couple began the relationship in 2001, and after three years of dating, they separated.

At some point, the rumor circulated that he had an encounter with his child star Raven Symone. Well, the rumor seemed to be false, and the actor recently revealed that he has the desire to marry the beautiful young lady. According to him, he is still trying to find a way to tell her his wishes, although he explained that they have always been on good terms.

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After he was accused of mistreating a spouse, many wondered who his girlfriend at the time was. After much research, we found out that the alleged ex-girlfriend is Omena Alexandria, with whom he was once engaged. Omena worked as a surrogate mother for families but had to quit her job to start a family with Orlando. As fate would have it, they never married.

However, Orlando Brown found love again. In November 2019 he revealed on his social media that he has a girlfriend who makes him happy, but unfortunately, she has disappeared from his life.

Does He Have Kids?

Orlando Brown is a proud father who publicly announced on Dr. Phil’s show that he has four children. He said that his first child, whose name he does not know, should be between sixteen and eighteen years old, while others will be fifteen years old.

Meanwhile, in April 2016 Brown announced a video in which he and Omena announced that he and Omena were expecting a baby. He again denied the paternity of the said baby, a son named Hunter Duke Brown after his birth in December 2016, and again in late 2019, the actor announced on his Instagram handle that he and his current girlfriend were expecting another child whose identity is still unknown.