What Happened To Mark Fuhrman, Where Is He Now? His Wife, Net Worth

What Happened To Mark Fuhrman, Where Is He Now? His Wife, Net Worth

Mark Fuhrman is a cop who cannot be pushed aside when the Simpson murder case comes up. You may wonder what he has to do with the case, find out his background, his involvement in the case, and what he is up to right now, including information about his various marriages below.

Mark Fuhrman Background Information 

Mark Fuhrman is a former Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detective born in Eatonville, Washington, on February 5, 1952. His parents are said to have been divorced when the boy was just seven years old, after which his mother remarried. It is not known whether he had siblings or not.

The retired detective attended Peninsula High School in Gig Harbor, Washington, and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps later in 1970 when he was 18 years old. In the Marine Corps, Mark was trained as a machine gunner and military policeman, whereupon he was assigned to serve in the Vietnam War and rose to the rank of sergeant before being honorably discharged in 1975.

What Happened To Mark Fuhrman, Where Is He Now? His Wife, Net Worth
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After his military service, he returned to California and entered the Los Angeles Police Academy, where he graduated as a respected cadet and finished second in his class in 1975. He became a police officer in 1989 and served in the police force for a total of 20 years, with over 55 awards, before retiring in 1995.

Mark Fuhrman became famous for his involvement in the high-profile investigation of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman in the 1995 O.J. Simpson murder case. He was asked to report on his investigation and he reported that he found two bloodstained gloves but entered the Simpsons’ home without a search warrant. The Simpsons’ defense attorney claimed to have placed the gloves and also questioned him about his racist denigration of African Americans in the 1980s.

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The Washington-born ex-investigator denied these allegations, but the evidence and witnesses submitted and presented by the Simpson defense team convincingly proved otherwise when they provided recorded interviews in which he used inappropriate words to describe African Americans. In the course of this case, he withdrew from the LAPD in 1995, and Dan Lungren, the Attorney General’s Office, brought charges of perjury against him in 1996, not contesting the perjury on the grounds of his false testimony and use of racial epithets.

What Happened To Mark Fuhrman And Where Is He Now?

Fuhrman apologized for his racist statements and the charges against him were later dropped. He insisted that he had not planted any evidence in the Simpson case and said that Simpson was guilty but free because the detectives failed to introduce his evidence into the chain of evidence and because the prosecution was not willing to convincingly argue their case.

On the basis of the Simpson murder case, he wrote the book Murder in Brentwood and Murder in Greenwich, which was made into a television movie in 2002. In addition to his literary works, Mark Fuhrman has published a book about the murder of John F. Kennedy and another about a serial killer, the death penalty – Terry Schiavo. He has hosted several radio shows and is a forensics and crime scene expert at Fox News, where he is often a guest of Fox commentator Sean Hannity. Since his retirement, he has been known as an author and radio presenter.

What Happened To Mark Fuhrman, Where Is He Now? His Wife, Net Worth
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Net Worth

Being a policeman was quite rewarding for Mark Fuhrman as he found fulfillment before and at the peak of his career. After his retirement, according to various sources, he has net assets of about $3 million. This net worth is largely attributed to the success of his books, which have been widely praised.

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Family – Wife

Mark was married to 3 different women at different times and had 2 children from all his marriages.

His first marriage was to Barbara L. Koop in 1973, and 4 years later, in 1977, they successfully divorced their once happy union. The former LAPD cop quickly married Janet Ellen Sosbee in 1977, with whom he did not stay together for more than 3 years when they divorced in 1980. After this second divorce, he probably learned a lot and worked hard to make his third marriage work. It worked and remained for a long time, because his third marriage with Caroline Lody lasted from the early 1980s until 2000, and he was married for the longest time, although he still had the third divorce.

This last marriage happened when he was going through a difficult period in his career after the murder of one of his close police friends and his general despair about police work. The marriage made him a father, as it provided for the birth of his two children Haley (daughter) and Cole (son). At present, he is a single man again and it is not known if he plans to marry again or maybe take care of himself with the wealth he has now.