Tatiana Maslany Bio, Boyfriend Or Partner – Tom Cullen And Net Worth

Tatiana Maslany Bio, Boyfriend Or Partner – Tom Cullen And Net Worth

Not many actors come to express the breadth of their acting abilities in the course of their careers. Even fewer manage to play two different characters in one project. Certainly, a tiny fraction has had to play several characters in a film or show; and Tatiana Maslany belongs to this last group. She became famous for playing several characters in one show, Orphan Black.

This is an impressive acting achievement, and perhaps she will suffer the fate of never surpassing the work that made her famous, as most actors fail to do, but she has made the effort in a number of other projects in which she has participated. If you would like to learn more about Tatiana Maslany before and after her work on Orphan Black, please read below

Tatiana Maslany Bio

Her full name is Tatiana Gabrielle Maslany and she was born on September 22, 1985, the daughter of a woodworker and a language translator. Although she was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada, she is of Austrian, Polish, German, and Ukrainian descent.

One could say that Tatiana was preparing for the decisive role of her career. She began her life by learning several languages, starting with German, Spanish, and then French. Her introduction to performance art began at the age of four when she was a dancer and graduated at the age of nine to acting roles in community theater and musicals.

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Her interest and further work in the theater continued until she graduated from high school and moved to Toronto at the age of 20 to pursue an acting career.

Tatiana Maslany Bio, Boyfriend Or Partner – Tom Cullen And Net Worth
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Maslany has been acting since 1995, but she received her first recognition in 2002 for the show 2030 CE. Sometimes actors have to appear in a few projects and be the unknown face on the screen before a producer or director has confidence in them and gives them a prominent role in a film or show. Maslany was featured in a film that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival: Grown Up Movie Star. She received the Breakout Role Award for her performance in the film. However, although she received this first recognition, she was not immediately translated into major projects, but only in 2013 when she was cast as the lead actress in the BBC America show Orphan Black.

For an unknown name, giving up the role was a big responsibility, and casting the lead role showed recognition of the talent Maslany possessed, even though it was not yet apparent to the general public. The show “Orphan Black” focused on clones and required Maslany to play different personalities and characters of the same physical person. Getting one actor to play two different people in a movie or show is quite a standard, but having to play more than eight different people was an achievement that had never been seen before, and Maslany delivered an exemplary performance.

The show ran from 2013 to 2017, and the brilliance of her performance is reflected in the fact that she was repeatedly nominated for the best actress in a dramatic role for the duration of the show. Among the awards she received for the many roles she played in the science fiction thriller are the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, TCA Awards, Young Hollywood Awards, Canadian Screen Awards, Gracie Awards, Constellation Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and many other nominations.

Before storming into acting fame with Orphan Black, Maslany showed some of the comedic chops that formed a foundation of her acting career in Parks and Recreation. In the film, she worked alongside Jake Gyllenhaal on such laudable projects as Woman in Gold and Stronger. Her most recent project is the crime thriller “Destroyer”, in which she plays alongside Nicole Kidman.

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So far she has appeared in 31 films and over 20 television shows. As a stage actress, she has acted in 8 plays. Her long filmography is complemented by a number of awards and nominations. She has been nominated for 41 awards and has won 23 of them. Tatiana Maslany is currently under contract with the US talent agency Resolution.

Boyfriend Or Partner – Tom Cullen

Tatiana Maslany Bio, Boyfriend Or Partner – Tom Cullen And Net Worth
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Tatiana Maslany is together with her boyfriend Tom Cullen since 2011. The two have been together since they met in Budapest during the shooting of a show for the British Channel 4. The couple currently lives together in Los Angeles, California.

Net Worth

Tatiana Maslany’s long list of appearances in films and television shows has helped her to achieve a net worth of $3 million. Her appearance in Orphan Black has also increased her net worth and she now earns $50,000 per episode.