Stormi Maya Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Facts About The TV Actress

Stormi Maya Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Facts About The TV Actress

The name “Stormi”, which means storm or nature, has recently gained importance for a number of remarkable reasons. Before it gained popularity, it was like any other baby name; however, those with whom it was associated have given the name a boost in popularity. From adult film actress Stormy Daniels, infamous for the Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels scandal, to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s daughter, Stormi Webster, the name would probably remain in our memories for a very long time. The American actress Stormi Maya is another Stormi to watch out for.

Stormi Maya is an actress living in New York who is best known for her role as Yennefer Clemente in Spike Lee’s Netflix show “She’s Gotta Have It”. She is much more than just a beautiful face and body on our screens, she is also a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and producer.

From her relationship status to the size of her bank account, here are five things you probably never knew about Stormi Maya.

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Stormi Maya: Biography

The talented actress was born on June 6, 1995, in Boston, United States. She is of American nationality and has a mixed Hispanic-Irish heritage. She describes herself as a non-religious but spiritual person who meditates, practices Taoism and Buddhism. Details of her early background and educational information are not available. However, from her work in the entertainment industry, it can be deduced that show business is something she has been interested in since a very young age.

Stormi Maya – Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Facts About The TV Actress
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Stormi Maya began performing in community theaters around New York City. Over time, she continued her education in film and television and led her career to the big screen. She is also a producer, screenwriter, and filmmaker. She worked for a film distribution company called Hewes Pictures, directing and producing some of her own work, including short films for festivals and theater performances. Maya is under contract with the Metropolis Artist Agency, an NYC-based talent agency.

Her first appearance in a film was in The Butterfly Chasers, produced by Princeton Holt. The feature film is a relationship comedy about 7 adults living in NYC, each at the crossroads of their relationships. All the characters are connected in such a way that each of them is either the ex or current husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend of the other. She has also collaborated with horror director Rene Perez and divides her time between the Bronx, New York City, and California, working both on the small screen and in feature and short films.

Maya’s credits include TV Land’s Younger, She’s Gotta Have It, Mostly For Millennials on Adult Swim, Playing with Dolls: Havoc, and Prince Harming. She has produced several works including It Hungers and Cattle: The End of Mankind.

Besides acting, Stormi Maya is a remarkable figure in the modeling world. She started at the age of 16 and has worked in various categories including fashion, lingerie, swimwear, fitness, lifestyle, glamour, fit, and hair, and make-up modeling. Maya was featured in the editions of Playboy Venezuela, Croatia, and Slovenia, where her October 2015 distribution was a huge success. She is also a spokesperson for various brands and has hosted several events and shows.

A multi-talented artist, Maya is constantly looking for ways to branch out and promote a career in music. Her EP, Body of Work (2018), is a collaboration with producer Donald Robinson Cole aka Megadon.

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5 Facts about the TV Actress

1. She Is Off the Market

Stormi Maya – Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Facts About The TV Actress
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Stormi Maya is undoubtedly a very beautiful woman and as such would have many eyes in her direction. However, she has settled down with the actor Andrew Alvarado, whom she married on October 28, 2016, but it seems that they are no longer together. Nevertheless, she has another man in her life, perhaps Megadon, whom she referred to on Instagram as her husband.

2. Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Stormi Maya is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 118 lbs. Her body measurements include a chest size of 32 inches with a DD cup size, a waist – 24 inches, and her hips are well-positioned at 30 inches. She wears a dress size of 2 [US] and size 7 shoes.

While other details of her other body measurements are not listed, you can easily tell from her appearance that she is in good shape. She feels so comfortable with her body and is less concerned with exposing her body during photo shoots. Although she has had breast implants, Stormi Maya is all about a positive and healthy life. She is also vegan.

3. Her Social Media Profile

It would not be out of place if a celebrity of Stormi Maya’s status had a mammoth following on various social media platforms. As such, she is a social media influencer, a YouTube celebrity, and an Instagram star with over 330,000 followers. She runs a vegan lifestyle blog on her YouTube channel called Aphro Vegan. The clothes-unfriendly bomb sets the Internet on fire with her bikini and lingerie images.

4. Stormi Maya: Net Worth

Measured by all the things Stormi Maya does, her net worth would be nothing less than amazing, although no number has been attributed to her wealth. It is a definition of someone with a colorful hat and a growing list of testimonials.

5. Her List of Favorites

Stormi’s favorite food is shoelace fries and udon, while her favorite animal is a cow. Her favorite TV show is Sanford and Son and music like Aerosmith, The Cranberries, Anything Motown occupies her favorite music spot. She also loves to read and travel. Her best quote “A woman knows her limits, a smart woman knows she has none” defines this New Yorker for whom no challenge is ever too great.