Steven Suptic Bio, Girlfriend, Height, Age, Cars, Wife, Net Worth

Steven Suptic Bio, Girlfriend, Height, Age, Cars, Wife, Net Worth

Steven Suptic is an American YouTuber and co-founder of Sugar Pine 7 – an entertainment company whose YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and video views. Before his success with the vlog-inspired mockumentary web series, Suptic worked on another series called Alternative Lifestyle, which he launched on his personal YouTube.

Brief Bio

Steven Suptic was born on 6 February 1993 as the only child of his parents. Last year, when he expressed his admiration for his friend Benji Blakeway, Suptic said he had always thought about what it would be like to have a brother or sister. But obviously, he would never know.

Sugar Pine 7

Septic met 2012 Clayton “Cib” James and became friends with him. He knew James DeAngelis and the editor Autumn Farrell while working at SourceFed. Together they founded Sugar Pine 7, and it was reported that by 2017 the YouTube channel had over one million subscribers and more than 60 million video views.

He started his YouTube series Alternative Lifestyle shortly after SourceFed was discontinued in early 2017. According to him, the series is a “still-action, hyper-surrealistic, improvisational comedy that uses the Vlog format as a vehicle to promote a character-based story.

Steven Suptic Bio, Girlfriend, Height, Age, Cars, Wife, Net Worth
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In September 2017, the pseudo-documentary of his life transformed after SourceFed into what is now called Sugar Pine 7 – also part of the Rooster Teeth family. The series won the Streamy Award as Show of the Year and has 1.1 million subscribers so far.

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Steven Suptic Career Startup 

In a close-up interview, Steven Suptic said that while he worked at SourceFed, anticipating that the company would collapse one day, he spent additional time working on his personal channel. At the time, he was making uninspired reaction and challenge videos to earn extra money and keep an audience. However, when his still-image narrated content attracted the interest of several fans who loved the content he shared, Suptic took it to heart and turned it into a career and a source of livelihood.

Commenting on the concept that SP7 is made up of, Suptic said that they usually move around Los Angeles and film various events. Then they put the pieces together to create a complete story for their station.

In addition to managing the company, Suptic reveals that he is working on a real novel, not like YouTube. According to him, “I don’t know yet if it will be good, but so far I am proud of what I have written. I like Riverdale, so my opinion on writing may not be worth the trouble.

Regarding the next steps for the station, Suptic said they have a two-year plan and hope to fund an episodic project “outside of YouTube”. But as someone who firmly believes that if you talk about their big plans, there’s less chance that they’ll commit to it, he didn’t want to go into more detail. He said, “If I say anything more, I’ll feel like I’ve already completed it.

YouTube Videos 

Steven Suptic has appeared in tons of SP7 YouTube videos such as:

  • Boys will be boys
  • Pumpkin Spice Therapy
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • The Dangers of Friendship
  • A Day in the Life of Alfredo
  • Visiting Cowchop
  • Trouble in Paradise
  • It’s our money and we want it now
  • One Man Trash
  • Secret Santa
  • Friday the 13th

Each video has no less than 400,000 viewers, and loyal fans who have been with us from the first episode can get an idea of what they are all about.

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Net Worth, Cars 

The net worth of Steven Suptic is estimated at over 119 thousand dollars based on his advertising revenue.

The YouTuber once stated that he has had a steady income from his station since 2013 and has saved a good amount by working two jobs and doing a lot of brand deals/sponsoring. He added that besides his “car/food, my life is pretty normal”.

In 2017, Steven Suptic was involved in an accident while driving a car. The incident was described as a four-way accident in which his own vehicle was in the middle. It was not clear if other drivers behind the wheel were injured, but Suptic came out unharmed.

Girlfriend, Wife 

Suptic’s girlfriend is Alyssa, a recurring character in the SP7 video series. She was also featured in the first formatted video on his channel. The two live together in a house that Suptic said was “actually a bargain compared to most rentals in LA”. It is worth mentioning that he also proposed to her in Iceland.


The Vlogger has a height of 6ft 2in (188cm). He was probably sarcastic or modest when he tweeted that height doesn’t matter “when you’re sitting in the bucket seat of the 2017 Ford GT”.

Facts about Steven Suptic

Birth Place: Illinois, United States

Birth Sign: Aquarius

Channel Start: 2015

Influencer: Vlogger, YouTuber