Sebastian Bach Wife, Children, Family, Height, Net Worth

Sebastian Bach Wife, Children, Family, Height, Net Worth

When you look up the name Sebastian Bach, you inevitably come across two musical personalities. One is Johann Sebastian Bach, a composer of classical music who is popularly known as a genius. The other is a singer who was born as Sebastian Philip Bierk and is known for his expertise in heavy metal. He achieved his claim to fame as the frontman of the band Skid Row within a period of 9 years (1987-1996). He is also an actor and songwriter.

Sebastian Philip Bierk, known in professional circles as Sebastian Bach, was born on April 3, 1968, in the industrial capital of the Bahamas, the northwestern city of Freeport. Little Sebastian moved with his family to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, where he grew up. As a child, he loved music so much that it is no wonder that he was a choir singer.

At the age of 14, Sebastian auditioned for Kid Wikkid and was accepted as part of the group. He remained a member of the group until 1985, two years before he joined Skid Row. As everyone knows, the singer’s rise to fame and glory came when he joined the band from New Jersey in 1987. He had a pretty good time with the band until he was fired in 1996 after some disagreements with other band members. Between Kid Wikkid and Skid Row he was the lead singer of Madam X (a band).

Sebastian Bach Wife, Children, Family, Height, Net Worth
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Since then Bach has been involved in a number of other projects. These include the formation of the band The Last Hard Men, which produced a music album, of which unfortunately only 1000 copies were sold. Fortunately, he has other albums, most of which have proved to be a success both financially and otherwise. He has also been involved with Broadway, appearing on Jekyll & Hyde in 2000 and in Jesus Christ Superstar as Jesus of Nazareth between 2002 and 2003. The artist has also made several appearances as a television presenter, as he has appeared in some series such as the Gilmore Girls.

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Sebastian Bach Net Worth

The songwriter/singer reportedly has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Considering his long musical career and his additional engagements, this seems to be true. However, it is important to note that the figure given is only an estimate and may not reflect the true value of the star’s assets.

Sebastian Bach’s Family

Sebastian Bach has a very interesting and talented family. His father, David Bierk, who is also an artist, is also co-founder and director of Peterborough’s Artspace. His sister is Heather Dylan Bierk, a successful model with international experience on two continents, Europe and North America. Dylan also tries her hand as an actress with several short films in her name. She currently lives in Toronto and also hosts several television shows.

Sebastian’s brother is a goalkeeper in professional hockey, having recorded seasons in the National Hockey League for both Minnesota Wild and Tampa Bay Lightning.

Wife, Children

In the mid-1980s Sebastian met a fine lady named Maria Aquinar and started going out with her. Maria is a fitness expert, model, and presenter of a TV show. Things got pretty serious between the duo, and after a few years, you could hear the first sound of a child. Their first son, Paris Bierk, was born in 1988.

In 1992 the couple decided to enter into marriage and two years later Maria gave birth to their second son in London. Upon arrival in London, it seemed that they had taken a sedative pill at birth, and when their daughter finally arrived in 2007, they dropped their name pattern and named her Sebastiana Maria. Sadly, three years later (in September 2010) Sebastian and Maria divorced for reasons they knew best.

Sebastian Bach Wife, Children, Family, Height, Net Worth
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In December of the same year (2010), the singer started dating Minnie Gupta, and in April 2012 he got engaged to the model. Well, things didn’t turn out so rosy – at the end of 2014, the couple parted ways. Barely two months later, Sebastian got engaged to another lady named Suzanne Le on her birthday on 28 December 2014, married her in August 2015, and the duo has remained married to this day. The couple lives together in their home in Los Angeles, California.

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In contrast to his classical-musical namesake, Sebastian has only 3 children, which is a bad figure compared to 20 children. Although he was involved with three women, his three children are descended from his first wife, Maria Aquinar.

Height – How Tall Is Sebastian Bach?

There is no need to speculate about the size of the man, here is the fact – Sebastian Bach is 4 inches taller than 6 feet (193 cm).