Ryan Sheckler Bio, Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth, Height, Brothers

Ryan Sheckler Bio, Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth, Height, Brothers

Ryan Sheckler can trace the immense success of his career back to the day he saw his father’s skateboard at the age of 2. Most people would remember him for his reality series Life of Ryan, which premiered on MTV in 2007. Ryan is an entrepreneur, reality TV star, and professional skateboarder who signed his first professional contract when he was just nine years old.

Since then, he’s become something of a household name when it comes to outdoor entertainment. Sheckler has also built a filmography in which he has participated in more than ten projects, including Red Bull TV’s Sheckler Sessions and the 2010 film Tooth Fairy. According to a Fox Weekly publication, Ryan Sheckler is one of the “15 most influential skateboarders of all time.”

Ryan Sheckler Bio, Age

Ryan Allen Sheckler was born on December 30, 1989, in San Clemente, California. He was just two years old when he tripped over a skateboard in the house. It turned out to be his father’s old skateboard. Since then, Ryan’s father started pushing him towards a skateboarding career. His story began in a skate park in the city of San Clemente.

The California skater got his first sponsors in 1998, being approached by Etnies Skate Shoe and Oakley, Inc. and receiving his first Etnies skate shoes from the former in 1996.

Ryan Sheckler – Bio, Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth, Height, Brothers
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When the Almost skateboard company was launched in 2003 by skateboarding veterans Daewon Song and Rodney Mullen, they brought Ryan Sheckler on board as a founding member and later elevated him to professional status. For the company’s inaugural Almost: Round Three video, Ryan appeared with several other high-profile skateboarders, including Wilt, Lutzka, and founders Rodney and Song.

After his time with Almost, he moved on to the deck and apparel company Plan B Skateboards. Here he was able to work with the likes of Pat Duffy, Colin McKay, Paul Rodriguez, and many others. At Plan B he performed at some big events including Mega Ramp Construction and Superfuture. Highlights of his performance include famously scaling a 55-foot (17 m) gap. Sheckler also had a photoshoot with skateboard photographer Atiba Jefferson and his picture was on the cover of The Skateboard Mag.

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In 2012, Ryan worked with Red Bull TV to launch the Sheckler Sessions web series. During this time, he also began building a new training facility for skateboarders. The last episode of the second season of Sheckler Sessions was also the conclusion of the series. It was aired in November 2013.

By May 2013, Sheckler had been skating in Etnies shoes for 15 years. A promotional video was released by the Etnies brand to honor this milestone.

At this point in his career, the legendary skateboarder had already participated in a variety of events and won the corresponding titles. Starting in 2012, Sheckler won the title at the Dew Tour Streetstyle events for three consecutive years

Throughout his career, Ryan has amassed an enviable list of sponsors alongside Oakley, Inc., and Etnies. Some of these names include Nixon, GoPro, Independent Trucks, Volcom, Red Bull, Andale, and many more. He has also been made a playable character in a number of games including Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, Tony Hawk’s Project 8, and Tony Hawk: Ride.

To give back to the community, the skateboarder founded The Sheckler Foundation in 2008. The organization’s goal is to help rehabilitate recovering athletes and help kids pursue their dreams, athletic or otherwise. Since then, the organization has hosted two major charity events each year: Skate for A Cause and Ryan Sheckler X Games Celebrity Golf Tournament. The next year after the foundation opened, Sheckler launched his RS clothing line.

Ryan Sheckler Brothers, Siblings

Sheckler has two brothers, Shane and Kane, who are both younger than him. He was at the Etnies complex with Shane when he received his first pair of skating shoes for free in 1996.

Years later, during his time at Plan B, he began filming his MTV series Life of Ryan. The reality series also saw appearances by Ryan’s two brothers. Tony, Taylor, and Casey, three of his childhood friends, also made appearances. Ryan decided to stop producing the series halfway through the third season. He felt that it threatened to distance him from his main fans and the world of skateboarding as a whole.

Personal life – wife, girlfriend

Ryan Sheckler – Bio, Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth, Height, Brothers
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Any skateboarder with Ryan Sheckler’s pedigree is sure to have the ladies buzzing around him – and he’s had that experience. Over the past decade, Sheckler is said to have dated quite a few women. Among the names on his dating profile are famous ones like Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, AJ Michalka, Melissa Pastrana, Kayla Kudla, Mia Blonde, and Amy Tammie.

The skateboarding icon was once engaged to Amy Tammie, but he never tied the knot.

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Ryan Sheckler’s body facts – height.

As you know, Sheckler needs to keep an athletic body to stay relevant in his field. The skateboarder is 1.70 m tall and has a bodyweight of 70 kg.

What is Ryan Sheckler’s Net Worth?

Ryan Sheckler has participated in a variety of skating events and has won over fifteen titles over the years. He also has a clothing line, has been involved in two self-promoted reality TV series, and has starred in a number of film projects. Not to mention his plethora of endorsements from brands both inside and outside his industry.

According to Celebrity Net Worth and a few other reliable sources, the California boy has a net worth of $16 million.