Ric Flair Spouse, Daughter, Son, Age, Net Worth, Height, Is He Dead?

Ric Flair Spouse, Daughter, Son, Age, Net Worth, Height, Is He Dead?

With a career spanning 4 decades (1972-2012), which has been honored with 16 World Wrestling Championships (WCW), the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), the former World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE ), and of course Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), Ric Flair is without a doubt one of the greatest, most successful and best-decorated wrestlers of his and our time. He has undoubtedly retired, but his legacy still speaks for him and serves as a benchmark for other younger wrestlers to measure their performance against.

Rick’s life is just as eventful outside the ring, and we’ll find out here what made it happen. In addition, many people have asked umpteen times whether the retired wrestler is still alive or no longer with us. Well, you’ll soon find out what we learned about his whereabouts if you devour this piece one paragraph at a time.

Ric Flair Bio (Age)

Ric Flair was born on February 25, 1949, in Memphis, Tennessee, the son of Luther and Olive Phillips – his biological parents. His other names, by which he is also known, include Richard Morgan Fliehr, Fred Phillips, Fred Demaree, and Stewart. He also has the nickname The Nature Boy.

Ric Flair Spouse, Daughter, Son, Age, Net Worth, Height, Is He Dead?
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He was adopted by Richard Reid Fliehr (1918-2000) and his wife Kathleen Kinsmiller Fliehr (1918-2003), who raised him in Edina, Minnesota, where he attended Wayland Academy in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Already during his school years, he developed an interest in wrestling, and, in addition to football and career, he participated in interscholastic wrestling.

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After high school, Ric Flair was accepted at the University of Minnesota on a soccer scholarship but dropped out after the first year to pursue a wrestling career. He was an amateur wrestler before he attended college, and after he dropped out, the boy began working as a bouncer for a club. On one occasion he met the Olympic weightlifter Ken Patera, who introduced him to Verne Gagne, a supporter of the American Wrestling Association (AWA). Verne then enrolled him in his wrestling training class, where he continued to develop.

Ric made his wrestling debut on December 10, 1972, against George “Scrap Iron” Gadaski. The flight lasted 10 minutes and ended in a draw. He fought in the American Wrestling Association (AWA) against people like André the Giant, Wahoo McDaniel, and many others.

Flair in the course of his wrestling career, which stretched over 4 decades, especially won the World Tag Team Championship 3 times with Batista and Roddy Piper, the WWE Intercontinental Championship (1 time), the WWF World Heavyweight Championship (2 times), all in the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment. He also won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship (9 times) in the National Wrestling Alliance, the WCW World Heavyweight Championship (8 times), the NWA (Mid Atlantic)/WCW World Heavyweight Championship of the United States (6 times), the first WCW Triple Crown Champion and many other victories, all in the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling/Jim Crockett Promotions/World Championship Wrestling.

Family: Spouse, Daughter, Son

Outside the ring, Flair has a long list of spouses he has married and divorced at various times in his career. On August 28, 1971, he married Leslie Goodman for the first time, with whom he had a daughter named Megan and a son named David before they annulled the marriage after 12 years with a divorce in 1983.

Elizabeth Harrell became the new Mrs. Flair when they came to the altar on August 27, 1983. With her, Ric had a daughter, Ashley, and a son named Reid, but they divorced in 2006 after 23 years of marriage.

Ric Flair Spouse, Daughter, Son, Age, Net Worth, Height, Is He Dead?
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Ric found love again with Tiffany VanDemark in 2006 when they said “I do” on May 26, 2006, but in 2008, Tiffany was about to end the marriage and finalized the divorce in 2009.

Jacqueline “Jackie” Beems became Ric Flair’s fourth wife on November 11, 2009, but by 2012 the nature boy was determined to be single again. In 2014 the relationship between the two was dissolved.

His youngest wife is Wendy Barlow, the fifth on the list, whom he married on September 12, 2018, in a resort town in Florida. The two have been married since their wedding, and we wish them the best in married life.

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Ric Flair Net Worth

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, the wrestler, who was raised by his adoptive parents in Edina, Minnesota, has certainly experienced good times in his career. With several victorious fights under his belt, Ric Flair has undoubtedly been well rewarded, Rick Flair Net Worth has been estimated at $2 to $5 million.


Ric Flair stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch or (1.85 m) and weighs 243 lb (110 kg). At this height, the retired wrestler and current wrestling manager stand on the same level as his son David Flair, who is also a wrestler, while his late son Reid Flair stood taller than him and David stood at 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters).

Is He Dead?

Richard Morgan Fliehr, the retired American professional wrestler and current professional wrestling manager, is still alive. However, he has a deceased son who was a professional wrestler and the youngest of his children, who carried the name Richard Reid Fliehr and Reid Flair as his ring name.

Reid was found dead on his hotel room bed in SouthPark, Charlotte, North Carolina on March 29, 2013. Autopsy reports indicated that he died of a heroin overdose with traces of prescription tranquilizers; clonazepam and alprazolam were both found in his body. Ric was 25 years old at the time of his death.

Since Reid Flair died only a year after his father, who retired from professional wrestling, and with the similarities in their names, it was assumed that Ric Flair was the one who died, but unknown to many people, it was his youngest son who kicked the bucket.