PewDiePie Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Gay, Net Worth, Height, Salary

PewDiePie Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Gay, Net Worth, Height, Salary

PewDiePie is one of the Internet sensations known for its Photoshop skills and its large fan base on YouTube. Since he could hardly hide his love for Photoshop, he decided to manipulate photo art with Adobe Photoshop. Felix’s career flourished because after leaving college, he decided to start his own YouTube channel. In the early days of his career, the main focus was on his stories and his attitude toward the various games he played. In 2011 his fan base grew.

PewDiePie Bio

PewDiePie was born on 24 October 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden, as Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg in the family of Lotta Christine Johanna and Ulf Christian Kjellberg. He was raised by his parents together with his sister. His mother is a former KappAhl CIO, she was honored in Sweden with the CIO of the year 2010. His father is the CEO of a company.

As Felix in high school, he was so passionate about art that he drew famous characters in video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. When he was in high school, he played hooky, he didn’t take his academics seriously. PewDiePie mostly avoided class to go to an internet cafe with his friends and play video games.

In 2008 he graduated from Gothenburg’s Hogre Samskola. He also holds a degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the renowned Chalmers University of Technology. PewDiePie finally left the university in 2011, and according to the young lad, he evacuated the university because he wanted to concentrate on his YouTube job. He said that studying industrial economics no longer fascinated him.

PewDiePie Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Gay, Net Worth, Height, Salary
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Felix found it a waste of time to study at Chalmers University. Because of his persistence and love for Photoshop, he participated in several Photoshop competitions, which almost led him to take an apprenticeship at one of the most renowned advertising agencies in Scandinavia. He also developed an interest in creating content on YouTube. After failing to win the apprenticeship in the Photoshop competition, PewDiePie sold some of his Photoshop images so that he could buy a computer to work professionally on YouTube videos.

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PewDiePie YouTube Channel

On 29 April 2010, the name PewDiePie went public. PewDiePie was the name of the YouTube channel started by Felix. He started with a video that showed a ghost that had been created in his Minecraft. After a few months, he began releasing the Call of Duty: Black Ops’, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Dead Space 2 replays. During his early years as a YouTube luminary, PewDiePie became known for his action and terrible video games.

Rise To Fame

In October 2011, PewDiePie began uploading weekly vlogs. Within eight months, his YouTube channel uploaded an impressive number of videos. As his channel began to grow, he began to expand his video content by adding animated comedy and live-action. He could also be called a social media icon. Aside from the fact that he has numerous followers on YouTube, PewDiePie also has more than 7 million favorites on Facebook, 10 million followers on Instagram, and 8 million followers on Twitter.

He has hilarious characters in his videos. When watching these comic videos, the interest of the person watching the videos is directed to the comments and reactions that PewDiePie shows while playing the video games. As a result, his videos fall under the “Let’s Play” series. The comic Felix has many subscribers. You’ll be amazed to know that, after he set up his account in 2010, his channel had gained about 60,000 subscribers by 2011.

When the number of his followers had grown to 700,000, PewDiePie received an invitation to speak at the Nonick conference in 2012. By July of the same year, his subscribers had grown to 1 million. It took only a few months to reach 2 million. In October 2012, the PewDiePie channel was recognized by OpenSlate as the number one channel on YouTube.

PewDiePie Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Gay, Net Worth, Height, Salary
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PewDiePie Salary, Net Worth

PewDiePie earns a lot thanks to its numerous subscribers. According to Expressen, a renowned Swedish newspaper, this Internet celebrity earned $7.4 million in 2014 and in 2015 he was recognized as one of the most influential people on the Internet. He currently has an estimated net worth of $70 million.

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Married, Wife, Kids

The beaming Internet celebrity is neither married nor has a child. Rumour has it that he is in a romantic relationship with Marzia Bisognin, but has decided to keep his relationship private. The two lovebirds have been together for several years, and their fans are eager to see when the duo will tie the wedding knot. Felix started dating his girlfriend when the duo got in touch in 2011, and after his girlfriend had one of his.

Gay Rumor

Despite the fact that Felix has a girlfriend he loves and is planning to get married, rumors still circulate that he is gay. The rumor that he was gay started in a hilarious way. While Felix was recording a video in his room, his landlord heard strange noises from his room and fired him because he thought he was gay.


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is 5 ft 9 inch tall.