Petra Kvitova Height, Weight, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Bio

Petra Kvitova Height, Weight, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Bio

Petra Kvitova is a Czech tennis player who has become one of the most famous names in the sport since she turned pro in 2006. The left-hander, who achieved her best ranking as the world’s 2nd in 2011, can look back on more than 30 career titles, including 2 Wimbledon titles. Here you will find interesting facts about her.

Petra Kvitova Bio

The tennis player was born on 8 March 1990 in the town of Bilovec in the Moravian-Silesian Region in the Czech Republic.

She was raised together with two older brothers by her father, who was a teacher, and his wife. Her family was a poor family who could not even afford a car, but they were happy with everything they had. Interestingly, Petra was introduced to tennis by her father, who not only trained her but also her brothers, but it was Petra Kvitova who grew up with a real talent for the sport.

Because of the time she had to devote to training and tennis, the Czech national player did not have many friends when she grew up. While she started training as a child, her father, who cried deeply when he won the Wimbledon title in 2012, continued to train with her until she was 16. They always trained in Fulnek, her hometown.

Petra Kvitova Height, Weight, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Bio
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With a career since 2006, Petra Kvitova started to make a name for herself quite early, but it wasn’t until 2010 that her career really took shape. This helped her to win the WTA Newcomer of the Year 2010 and the WTA Player of the Year 2011 among many other awards.

Petra Kvitova has won many titles, including 2012 at Wimbledon, where she defeated Maria Sharapova, and 2014, when she defeated Eugenie Bouchard. She has also played in three other Gland Slam semi-finals. In 2018, the left-handed tennis player still had a record 473-206, and at the same time, she made it to the world rankings as the 8th best tennis player.

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Family and Boyfriend

The family of the 2012 Wimbledon world champion is very supportive of her, bringing fame and fortune to the once impoverished family who now makes prominent appearances at their games.

Petra’s father is called Jiri Kvitova, while her mother is called Pavla Kvitová. She is the youngest of three children born in the family, which consists of her two older brothers: Jirí Kvita and Libor Kvita. While Jirí is an engineer, Libor is a teacher. The three siblings played tennis when they were young, and all thanks to their father who coached them.

Petra Kvitova Height, Weight, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Bio
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The star player has been in a number of relationships in the past, even though she is not married yet. The first publicly known relationship she entered into was with Adam Pavlasek, with whom she was from 2011 to 2013.

After the two broke up, Petra Kvitova’s next boyfriend was her Czech tennis colleague Radek Stepanek, who also has a history of dating tennis players. The relationship between the two lasted only from 2013 to 2014.

After her relationship with Stepanek, she entered into another relationship with hockey player Radek Meidl in 2014, with whom she announced an engagement in 2015. Unfortunately, the relationship ended in 2016 and she has not had a boyfriend in public since the end of this relationship.

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Net Worth

The Czech tennis player, who has been playing professionally since 2006, has achieved a lot in terms of both trophies and fortune. In 2015 Petra Kvitova was named one of the world’s highest-paid tennis players according to Forbes magazine. This year she earned a total of 7.7 million dollars. From the earnings, she earned 5.9 million dollars in prize money. This put her in twelfth place in the world tennis rankings, while among the highest-paid tennis players she was in sixth place.

In total, she has a net worth estimated at $24 million. While a significant portion of her wealth comes from her many winnings, she has also earned much from her sponsorship contracts with ALO Diamonds, Nike clothing and footwear, and L’OCCITANE en Provence.

Height and Weight

Petra Kvitova is a woman who has good stamina and skills. Like many other popular tennis players, she is very athletic and has a good height. In the measurements, she stands at a height of 183 m (6 feet) and bodyweight of 70 kg (154 pounds).