Paget Brewster Biography, Net Worth, Husband And Body Measurements

Paget Brewster Biography, Net Worth, Husband And Body Measurements

She is known for her recurring role as Emily Prentiss in the popular NBC television series Criminal Minds. She also appeared in the television series Law and Order: Special Victim Unit and also as Kathy in another television series Friend. In addition to her appearances in numerous television series, as a U.S. actress and singer, Paget Brewster has also provided her voice in several animated films and series. So let us give you an overview of Paget’s biography, career, and private life.

Paget Brewster Biography

Paget was born Paget Valerie Brewster on March 10, 1969, in Concord, Massachusetts, USA. Her father, Galen Brewster, worked as a school administrator, while her mother, Hathaway Brewster, worked as a government official. Paget has a younger brother named Ivan.

When she grew up, her first interest was in design; she wanted to become a designer. After graduating high school, she moved to New York, where she enrolled in the Parsons School of Design, a private art and design school. As a freshman, her interest shifted to acting, and she dropped out of design school to pursue an acting career. She then moved to San Francisco, where she enrolled in the Jean Shelton Studio and took acting classes.

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Remarkably, her first appearance on television was a late-night show called Paget Show, which she hosted. The show took place at the San Francisco Bay Arena between 1994 and 1995. Paget made her first television debut in the famous NBC series Friend, in which she played Katty. Her role in the series really spurred her into the limelight, as the series soon became quite famous. In the same year, she also starred in the movie Let’s Talk About Sex as Michelle.

Paget Brewster Biography, Net Worth, Husband And Body Measurements
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Paget Brewster appeared in numerous other television series, such as Ghost Cop, Godzilla: The Series, Love and Money, and many others. Brewster had a long career with the popular television series Criminal Minds, in which he played the role of Emily Prentiss, a multilingual supervisor special agent. The series made her popular with so many fans who really loved her for this role, and she stayed on the show until season six when she was dumped alongside her co-star A.J. Cook in what CBS called a “cost-cutting exercise.

It took timely fan intervention and protest to get the duo back on the show. In 2012, however, Paget Brewster announced that she would leave the series (Criminal Minds) for good at the end of the season to pursue a career in comedy, but it seems that her attachment to the series does not quite let her go, as she keeps coming back; in the ninth season of the series, she took her role for the 200th time.

Brewster also starred in the long-running police drama series Law And Order: Special Victim Unit, in which she played the role of a public integrity officer working on the case of a high-ranking police officer suspected of murder. She appeared in the 106th installment of the comedy series Drunk History, and that much counts in a number of series in which she has appeared.

Aside from being the queen of TV series, she has lent her voice to so many TV cartoon series, such as Judy Sebben/Birdgirl in the cartoon series Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Lana Long in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Lois Lane in Justice League: Gods and Monsters, and so many others.

Paget’s filmography includes films such as Uncle Nick, Now You Know, Skippy, The Man in the House, Lost Behind Bars, and many others.

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Paget Brewster Biography, Net Worth, Husband And Body Measurements
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This dashing, hot brunette is married to Steve Damstra, a member of the Whirlwind Heat Band. Paget announced her engagement through her Twitter handle in March 2013 when she showed her engagement ring. The two lovebirds decided to tie the knots a year later, on November 29, 2014. They both live in Los Angeles and currently have no child.

Paget Brewster Net Worth

There are contradictory figures about how much the actress is worth. While some sources estimate Paget Brewster’s net worth to be about $3 million, others estimate it to be up to $9 million. Wikibily has not yet been able to confirm these figures, and the figures would be updated as soon as they were confirmed.

Body Measurements

This sexy brunette is physically well structured by nature and has an impressive height of  5 ft 7 in (1.73 m). She weighs 58 kg. Her bust, waist, and hip circumferences are each 37-26-37 in (94-66-94 cm).