Nadia Hilker Bio, Ethnicity, 5 Things To Know About The German Actress

Nadia Hilker Bio, Ethnicity, 5 Things To Know About The German Actress

Nadia Hilker is a renowned German film and television actress who has been working in the film industry since 2010. She is best known for her role in Frühling and Die 100, her love of acting goes back to her childhood.

Today, it is safe to say that the productive actress is making a brilliant career in Hollywood – not least thanks to her determination, passion, and consistency.

In this article, you will learn more about this charming and talented actress.

Nadia Hilker Bio, Ethnicity

The beautiful film star was born on December 1, 1988, in Munich, Germany, where she also grew up. She belongs to the white ethnic group, while her nationality is German. Her father worked in the IT industry, while her mother worked for the airline Lufthansa. They spent only thirty-five years as husband and wife and had Nadia and her brother as children.

Nadia Hilker Bio, Ethnicity, 5 Things To Know About The German Actress
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Growing up with her only brother was fun for Hilker, as both were adventurous. On several occasions they visited Paris from Munich, only to drink coffee on the Champs-Élysées-Allee in Paris, and also built treehouses in the forest near their home.

Information about the actress’s primary and secondary school education is not currently available, but we can confirm that the Los Angeles-based A-lister studied economics at college.

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5 Things You Need to Know about the German Actress

1. Acting Career

Before Hilker entered the film industry, he worked as a model. She was discovered by a model agent at a ballet school. After a few years, she lost interest in modeling to pursue her acting ambitions.

The German star began her path to fame by taking on the famous role of Marie-Luise Seelig in the TV movie Zimmer mit Tante (2010). In the same year, she played the role of Xenia in the TV movie Die Route, a drama written by Tobias Stille and directed by Florian Froschmayer.

In the course of her acting career, she has had more than eighteen appearances in television films and feature films. Her notable films include Spring Louise (2014), In the Zeynep Gallery (2014), The Divergent Series: Allegant (2016), and Colliding (2016).

Television films in which she has appeared include SOKO München (2010), Alarm für Cobra 11 (2010), Für Immer 30 (2011), Der letzte Bulle (2012), Die andere Frau (2012), München 7 (2013), Breed (2015) Huck (2015) and The 100 (2016-2017).

In 2015 she was awarded the Fright Meter Prize for her roles in her debut film Spring.

2. Nadia Hilker Net Worth

As a fast-rising actress, the German actress has the chance to triple her net worth, which currently stands at 1 million dollars, in the near future. Hilker’s considerable net worth was generated from payments she received for taking on various roles in television films and adaptations.

She may also have built up her net worth through other ventures unknown to the public, but it is generally believed that she draws her wealth from her acting career.

Nadia Hilker Bio, Ethnicity, 5 Things To Know About The German Actress
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3. Her mom is her hero

According to Nadia, her mother was the first person to teach her life’s great lessons, including how to love yourself, be a good person, value your ideas, care for people, and make the world a better place.

The same can be said about her father, who really helped her to become the movie star she is today. At a point where she almost gave up her childhood ambitions, it was her father who encouraged her to carry on. The actress admitted that it was her final push that got her a role in the spring and later made her a star.

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4. She is dating Mark Herbig

Nadia Hilker is currently in a relationship with a little-known man named Mark Herbig. The couple has had a smooth relationship for so many years. They have never been at the center of a separation rumor and have never been involved in controversy.

Right now Hilker and her admirer are experiencing the best moments of their lives. It seems that the lovers probably have good plans for their future and would probably settle down as man and wife.

5. Trivia

Besides acting, Nadia is also good at writing. She once said that writing is the only creativity that helps her grow and explore the world. Her other hobbies are cooking and music. Regarding her musical influences, King of Pop named Michael Jackson as one of her musical heroes.

The German A-list also loves action movies and documentaries. Her height is 5 feet 8 inches.