Mimi Faust Girlfriend (Tamera Young), Age, Net Worth, Bio

Mimi Faust Girlfriend (Tamera Young), Age, Net Worth, Bio

Mimi Faust learned long ago that life is not endowed with alms. She learned from an early age to work for everything she felt she deserved. The Virginia-born star has become a successful businesswoman, a reality TV star, and an all-around viral sensation. She has also dated some of the most popular faces of her time to increase her fame and delight her fans.

The businesswoman is part of the cast of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Her longest documented relationship was with American musician, producer, and songwriter Stevie J.

Mimi Faust’s Bio, Age

Mimi was born Oluremi Fela James in Newport News, Virginia. She was born on April 3, but it is unclear if her birth year is 1972 or 1976. She spent her childhood in a part of Atlanta that was steeped in African culture. Growing up, her mother was a fervent defender of the teachings and principles of the Church of Scientology. When Mimi Faust was 8 years old, her mother tore her from her normal childhood and enlisted her in the mission of Scientology. However, her mother’s contract and dedication to the Church’s mission began to interfere with her parental obligations. Mimi’s mother eventually left her for the Church. When she was 13 years old, the Church threw her out of the Church and accused her of being a freeloader and ballast.

Mimi Faust Girlfriend (Tamera Young), Age, Net Worth, Bio
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Mimi had to learn quickly to rely on herself and to carry herself through life. With the help of long-time friends, she even managed to complete her education better than her peers. She soon found out that she did not have the same father as her siblings. Mimi set out to find him, and she succeeded. Her father, Lawrence Faust, was an upscale artist in New York. She found him when she was 16 years old and continued to use his last name after she had established a relationship with him. Through him, she discovered that she had a variety of other siblings through her father. Lawrence died in 2014, but not before Mimi discovered that she had inherited his artistic and creative genes.

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Faust has made many friends in high positions due to some roles she has played in her past. Faust’s first music video appearance came in 2003 when she appeared in the music video for Frontin, a song by Pharrell Williams. The video also featured legendary host Jay-Z.

Subsequently, Mimi put her business acumen to good use when she founded Keep It Clean Inc., an interior cleaning company catering to upscale and prominent homes in Atlanta, Georgia. Dissatisfied with her growing success, Mimi added interior decorating services to the business and later, in cooperation with several other companies, founded Mimi Interiors, a decor home line.

The businesswoman became part of the successful VH1 reality television show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2012. In the show, she performed with music stars like K. Michelle, Joseline Hernandez, and Rasheeda.

Mimi Faust was also on the show with her longtime boyfriend, producer Stevie J, who is also the father of her 2009 born daughter Eva Giselle Jordan. She finally moved away from Stevie in 2010, ending a relationship that began in 2007.

Mimi has often told of her ordeal with the Church of Scientology. She appeared in the 2017 show “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Consequences of the Church of Scientology” by actress Leah Remini, in which she talked about how her mother dumped her because she was unwilling to enter into a contract with the Church.

Mimi Faust’s Girlfriend, Tamera Young

Mimi Faust Girlfriend (Tamera Young), Age, Net Worth, Bio
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Ever since she broke away from unsuccessful relationships with men, a man’s mother has reached deep inside herself and found her inner lesbian.

Since 2016 Faust has been in a relationship with Tamera Young. Young is a player for the Las Vegas Aces of the WNBA. She studied at James Madison University, where she played college basketball and won several awards, including CAA Player of the Year 2008.

It started as a rumor, but Mimi and Young have since confirmed their relationship status. However, Mimi has refused to broadcast her relationship with Tamera in the show Love & Hip Hop. She says she has learned from her past relationships that love in the spotlight doesn’t work very well.

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Mimi Faust’s Sex Tape

Mimi Faust is successful, but it is not without controversy. After her separation from Stevie J, Mimi continued with Nikko London, who, like her ex, is also a producer and singer and is part of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta line-up. In 2014, a sex tape entitled Scandal in Atlanta was released thanks to an anonymous submission from adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment. It was a recording of Mimi and Nikko going down. The tape became so popular that it was nominated for an AVN Award in the “Best Celebrity Sextape” category in 2015.

It turned out that the tape had been staged, as Mimi Faust admitted. In fact, it was reported that the businesswoman earned more than 30,000 dollars from tape sales.