Melinda Culea Biography Of The American TV Actress and Former Model

Melinda Culea Biography Of The American TV Actress and Former Model

Melinda Culea became famous as a television and film actress, but actually started her career as a model before she turned to act. Although she has not made a hundred films, she has played a few leading roles in productions such as the 1984/85 ABC television series, Glitter, the 1996 film Buried Secrets, and The A-Team. After the end of her acting career in 1999, she ventured into writing and art.

Melinda Culea Biography

Melinda Culea was born on May 5, 1955, in Western Springs, Illinois. Here she also grew up in a house that had five children. Since she was a little girl, she has always loved adventure. This and her love of modeling drove her to New York in her early twenties to find modeling opportunities that were not available where she grew up.

Four years later, after getting to know everyone involved and achieving considerable success, she moved to California because she believed that she would find a bigger stage for her career there.

As a model, she has been involved in a number of commercials in the past. In 1978, she appeared in both the Woolite Cold Water Wash commercial and the Burger King commercial where she appeared with Ally Sheedy.

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Acting and Writing Career

In 1981 the former model got her first role as an actress with a role in Dear Teacher. Just one year later, another television production followed the title The Rules of Marriage. From then on Culea got more and more roles in other productions like Fantasy Island (1983), Family Ties (1986), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1991), and Star Trek: The Next Generation (1992).

Before ending her acting career in 1999 with her appearance in The X-Files, Culea also starred in Target Earth (1998), a few episodes of C-16: FBI (1997), Brotherly Love (1995), and Through the Eyes of a Murderer (1992).

Melinda Culea – Biography Of The American TV Actress and Former Model
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Her most notable role as an actress was in the successful NBC television series “The A-Team”, where she was cast as Amy Allen, who was a reporter for the L.A. Courier. She appeared in 24 episodes of the series in 1983. Years after the end of the series, she remained one of her most significant achievements, although she was not part of the complete series, which ran from 1983 to 1987.

As she grew up, Melinda Culea described herself as a loner, although she came from a home with many children. She wandered alone in the forest and began to develop ideas for stories. Later, however, she dropped everything to pursue her other dreams, including acting.

She had considerable financial success as an actress and model, but satisfaction was not there because she believed that she was more an artist and writer than an actress. This is one of the most important things that kept her away from acting and led her to write.

Melinda Culea published her first work Wondago: an illustrated mystery novel in 2016, in which Culea tells the story of a girl who has suffered an accident that has caused her to lose most of her memory and therefore has to redraw every image that comes to her mind. From her drawings and some writings she makes, the girl hopes to find help in solving the mystery of the disappearance of a woman who also lives in Wondago. Apart from writing stories, she also draws for her stories and other things, and she shares her art with others through social media.

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Personal Life

The A-Team actress is married to Peter Markle. The couple first met in 1994 while working on Wagons East, the adventure comedy film in which Melinda Culea played the role of Constance Taylor while Markle was its director.

Not too long after that, the two began dating, and in 1996 they finally walked down the aisle as man and wife. More than two decades later, the couple is still strong. At the same time, they have remained rather secretive about their family life.

Peter Markle has become famous both as a film and television director and as a screenwriter. His very popular works include The Personals (1982) and Flight 93 (2006). Apart from Wagons East, Culea and her husband have never worked on any major projects together before. She did, however, appear in 1999 in the alpha episode of The X-Files, which was also directed by Markle. In the production, she appeared as Karin Berquist.