Maureen Mccormick Bio, Net Worth, Daughter, Spouse – Michael Cummings

Maureen Mccormick Bio, Net Worth, Daughter, Spouse – Michael Cummings

Maureen Mccormick is an American-born actress, singer, and writer. She came into the spotlight as a child star in the classic 70s sitcom The Brady Bunch, whereupon she appeared in several spin-offs of the show. As a star of various talents, Mccormick also had a brief musical career during which she recorded several albums and toured with other members of The Brady Bunch.

Despite her immense success with The Brady Bunch, Mccormick has had difficulties in her career due to challenges in her personal life. The Hollywood star attracted considerable media attention in 2008 following the release of her controversial memoir Here’s the Story: Survive Marcia Brady and find my true voice.

Maureen Mccormick Bio

Maureen Denise McCormick was born on August 5, 1956, in Encino, California. She is the only daughter of Irene (née Beckman) and William McCormick and grew up with the three older brothers Michael, Dennis, and Kevin in Encino, California. She started modeling at a very young age and has appeared in several commercials on national television.

Maureen Mccormick Bio, Net Worth, Daughter, Spouse – Michael Cummings
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As a teenager, Maureen McCormick received her career-defining moment in 1969 when she landed a commercial in the main cast of the sitcom The Brady Bunch. She was cast as the Brady household’s eldest daughter Marcia Brady, a role she played throughout the show’s 5 seasons. The show was repeated for several years after its original release, resulting in cross-generational followers, spinoffs, and film adaptations. McCormick resumed her role as Marcia Brady in The Brady Brides, The Brady Girls Get Married (1981), The Brady Bunch Hour, and A Very Brady Christmas (1988).

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McCormick subsequently appeared on many other television shows and telemovies, although none of them were on the scale of her outburst role in The Brady Bunch. She was in the main cast of the ABC fantasy sitcom Teen Angel (1997), which only ran for one season. In 2000 she also had a brief appearance as series director Rebecca Hotchkiss in the classic soap opera Passions but was eventually replaced by Andrea Evans. McCormick is definitely better known for her work on the small screen, but this talented actress also has some notable film credits, including Skatetown, U.S.A. (1979), Texas Lightning (1981), Title to Murder (2001), Snow White: A Deadly Summer (2012) and several others.

Maureen McCormick has been involved in several other ventures besides her acting career. Her all-encompassing autobiography Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice was published in 2008 and was a bestseller. The talented actress has also worked her way up in the reality TV show business. She appeared in the fifth season of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club (2007), in CMT’s Gone Country (2008), and also in the Australian version of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! (2015). In 2016, she competed in the 23rd season of Dancing with the Stars and finished 8th in the Australian version.

Maureen Mccormick Net Worth

The acting career of Maureen McCormick currently spans 4 decades. Even though she didn’t get her hands on the blockbuster film roles, she has remained very consistent over the years. Over the years she has also signed several sponsorship agreements and has been involved in several other bankable projects. It is no surprise that this Hollywood star Maureen McCormick has a net worth of $4 million.

Spouse, Daughter

Maureen Mccormick Bio, Net Worth, Daughter, Spouse – Michael Cummings
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Maureen McCormick is currently married to her husband, Michael Cummings, who is over 3 decades old. The duo reportedly met in a church, and after being together for a time, they entered into a marriage on March 16, 1985. The couple has a child together, a daughter named Natalie Michelle, born May 19, 1989.

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Height and Other Body Measurements

Maureen McCormick is 160 cm (5 feet 3 inches) tall. The sexagenarian has an enviable physique as she maintains a bodyweight of 56 kg (125 lb). Apparently, the talented actress has recently managed to gain firm control over her body, but this has not always been the case.

McCormick fought bulimia as a young adult and later in life she became overweight. In 2008, she had a successful run in the VH1 reality weight-loss contest Celebrity Fit Club, where she lost a whopping 38 pounds and finished as the winner of the series. However, the actress was unable to maintain her body as she began to gain weight shortly after the show ended.

After gaining an astonishing 161 lb in the summer of 2009, McCormick turned back to her diet and training program, which helped her reach her target weight of 125 lb.