Matthew Espinosa Biography, Age, Height, Family Life of The Youtube Star

Matthew Espinosa Biography, Age, Height, Family Life of The Youtube Star

Many fans of Matthew Espinosa believe that the former Viner and Youtuber bears a resemblance to the music sensation Justin Bieber. Some die-hard fans believe that the resemblance is so great that under certain circumstances the two could be confused. This assertion is up for discussion.

This Justin Bieber resemblance was all the rage back when Vine was active. He managed to spread his viral followers on his YouTube channel and other social media.

Matthew Espinosa Biography, Age

The social media phenomenon was born in Woodridge, Virginia, on 7 July 1997. For his high school education, he attended Bishop Ireton High School. Matthew first wanted to venture into the world of athletics. In high school, he played lacrosse and football. Matthew always wanted to be famous, but it turned out that a career in athletics was not the path he wanted to take. Espinosa had also discovered his love of the media when he worked on a school project in the second grade. When he turned away from sports, he decided to return to his first love.

Matthew Espinosa Biography, Age, Height, Family Life of The Youtube Star
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Espinosa first came into the spotlight with his Vine efforts. At that time he and some of his friends founded a social media group called the MagCon Boys. Other members of this group include Aaron Carpenter, Jack Gilinsky, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Caniff, Jack Johnson, Jacob Whitesides, and several others. The station quickly grew to millions of followers. During his time on Vine and Youtube, Matthew has worked with names like JC Kaylen and Kia Lawley, who are also social media sensations. Michael’s persona and his “cool factor” have a way of drawing the attention of even the most irritable viewers. This is partly the reason why he has risen to the top of the social media celebrity pile.

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His consistency on the platform and his collaboration with other Viners and Youtubers have quickly made Michael a serious celebrity, so he has been bullied on more than one occasion. Sometime in 2013, Matthew Espinosa appeared at Tyson’s Corner Mall in McLean, Virginia. Apparently, the social media man had underestimated how famous he was. After being recognized by other people in the store, people began to crowd around him in droves, causing a small uproar among the crowd. The police had to intervene to prevent an escalation of the situation.

Based on the experiences of 2013, Matthew made another public appearance in 2015, this time on the VidCon grounds. He came in disguise, but it proved hopeless as he was immediately recognized and had to relive the experience again.

However, Espinosa is more than just another Viner and YouTuber. He is also an actor and entrepreneur. In 2016 he made his screen debut in the film Be Somebody. He was also featured in a popular news show called “Today”. Matthew Espinosa also sells Matthew Espinosa merchandise on his website: T-shirts, posters, and other accessories to increase the awareness of his brand.

Matthew Espinosa Biography, Age, Height, Family Life of The Youtube Star
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The Family Life of the Youtube star

The social media entrepreneur and businessman comes from a happy, close-knit family. Matthew is the first child of Rafael and Laura Espinosa. He has three siblings: two brothers, Ryan and Dylan, and one sister, Kristen. The Espinosa family knows how to have fun, and that includes making fun of each other. Because of Matthew’s hunger for fame, his father, Rafael Espinosa, started calling him “Mr. Hollywood” to tease him. In retrospect, the name turned out to be more of a prophecy than a tease.

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Speaking of Matthew’s love life: It’s not known if the social media personality had a rich dating history if any. However, he is currently in a relationship with Jessica Safety. She is an actress herself and has a better-documented dating history than Matthew, having dated actors like Niall Horan and Joe Jonas. The couple is not one to hide their relationship as they have often been seen in public making love. Once a video of the couple kissing was published on Youtube.

His Height, Features, and Body Measurements

The brown-haired, hazelnut-colored man stands at a height of 1.8 m (5 feet) and maintains a healthy body weight of 66 kg. He also has a chest measurement of 37 inches, a waist measurement of 30 inches, and a bicep of 13 inches.