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It seems that hip hop culture is slowly becoming synonymous with “many tattoos”. Most of the ruling artists of this genre have one or two, a few of them have more than just a few. According to the last count, nobody could count Lil Wayne’s tattoos, we can only say that he has over 100 of them on his hands, face, chest, and legs. No, he didn’t stop there, he’s got them on his ears, back, arms, hands, and fingers, too. Here we thought Riri was an addict.

Of course, we can’t look at every single tattoo, it would be extreme to even try. So here is a cross-section of Lil Wayne’s tattoos.

Lil Wayne’s Tattoos

There are so many of them that it is hard to decide where to start, but a summit is an obvious option, and for those of you who are squirming, close your eyes. The artist was brave enough to get tattooed on the eyelids, yes, both of them. The tattoo is “Fear God”, with a word on each eyelid, the message is quite clear: “Fear God”, it says so in the holy books, you hear it in your places of worship, and now every time Lil Wayne lowers his eyelids, it is a reminder.

And if you thought the tear tattoos under his eyes meant tears, I think we can say you’re only half right. The teardrop represents every person killed in his family. The “C” between his eyes stands for his mother’s initials “Cita” and his last name “Carter”. In addition, Lil Wayne believes he is music, which is why he had the words “I AM MUSIC” tattooed above his eyebrow.

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Further down, Lil Wayne has a grand piano tattooed on his entire side, from chest to waist. If you get a wing, it might as well be a big wing.

On the chest, the rap artist has tattooed red stars that stand for “five-star blood” and next to it the words “Sikk fukk”. He also has “DAMU” tattooed on his chest to show his affiliation with the blood gang, and on his chest, he also has the street he grew up on tattooed “Apple and Eagle”. Weezy also has the phrase “Life is a gamble” tattooed on his chest. Is it just me, or do Lil Wayne’s tattoos look like a maze?

Now it goes straight down, here is a look at the tattoos on his legs. Yeah, guys, he’s got them all over his legs, too. On the lower leg, he has the logo of his clothing line, TRUKFIT, tattooed, that’s serious branding. He must have a certain fascination for aliens because, in addition to a Martian on his shoulder, he has an alien face on his knee.

He also has a tattoo of “Young Money” on his right leg, in honor of the record label he founded. Since he is a big fan of Jay-Z’s music, it is no surprise that Weezy has added a verse from his “Lucky Me” song on his right leg and he has “Belfast” tattooed on his left leg, which stands for Belfast Street in New Orleans. It seems that if the artist cares about something, he calls his tattoo artist, that’s a happy tattoo artist.

Lil Wayne’s House

He may be “Lil”, but he lives big, and because one villa is never enough, he just had to have another one. In 2006, the rapper bought a villa in Miami, a city on the Atlantic coast in southeast Florida. The house was bought for $11.6 million, and the kid was worth it.

The elaborate villa has 9 bedrooms with 9 full baths and 2 partial baths. It also has a 3 bedroom guest house, a 2-story master suite, and a private sky terrace. The house also has a glass elevator and plenty of space by the sea for a small yacht. Where was this house when we looked around, right?

If you look at the house, the artist put his villa on the market last year for $18 million, which he later reduced to $16 million, either way, he’ll make an “insane profit”.

The artist’s second house is in his hometown New Orleans. He bought the house in 2006, but it is now also for sale.

The house itself covers an area of 10,000 square feet, with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a spacious kitchen made entirely of stainless steel, and a dining area inside. The rapper’s mansion also features a gym with rubber floors, a marble staircase with beautiful gold ornaments, and a curved glass-chrome bar. He certainly goes the whole hog.

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Lil Wayne And Illuminati

You are a nobody in show business if your success is not associated with the Illuminati AKA of the Freemasons. Lil Wayne has all the qualifications for what the “Illuminati Hunters” would call a perfect member. Success, check. Money, check. A bunch of weird tattoos and weird markings, check. Questionable texts, double-check.

Lil Wayne’s tattoos and his appearance as a whole must have put him at the top of the list. Recently he added to the collection the tattoo of an eye on his chin. Since then, it has been depicted as the “all-seeing eye” that is popularly associated with the new world order.

Some say that his video “My Homies Still” had predictive programming of the Aurora, Colorado Batman shooting. Only time will tell if he really is a devil-worshipping Mason.

Lil Wayne’s Cars

We weren’t joking when we said the artist lives big. Apart from trophies, records, and tattoos, the artist also collects cars. In his collection, he has a The Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, a Bentley Mulsanne, a Bugatti Veyron, a Cadillac CTS, a Campagna T-Rex and a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead.

None of these cars are below par, we have to give it to him, all his possessions and obsessions prove that Wizzy is committed whenever he is involved in something.