Lil Wayne’s Daughter, Kids, Son, Wife, Dad, Baby

Lil Wayne’s Daughter, Kids, Son, Wife, Dad, Baby

You may not believe it, but Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., popularly known as Lil Wayne, also known as Weezy, is a family man. Yes, the CEO of Young Money Records has more than a few children, all from different mothers, and was even married once. Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae, is the most popular of them all, but there are three more, and we will get to know them all. Well, not in person, just on-screen.

Lil Wayne’s Daughter, Kids

The rapper is the proud father of four children, and as we mentioned before, the children all have different mothers. The media show us many teenage mothers and not every day we see teenage fathers. That makes it almost praiseworthy that he is so open about this aspect of his life because he was only 16 when he had his first child. The year was 1998, the date was November 29th, Reginae Carter was born as a daughter of Dwayne Carter and Antonia “Toya” Wright.

We are certainly not the only ones who ask: Why Reginae? Well, there are some feelings involved, the hip-hop princess was named after her father’s late stepfather, Reginald.

Lil Wayne’s Daughter, Kids, Son, Wife, Dad, Baby

Lil Wayne’s Daughter, is popularly known as Nae Nae, is the only girl in the bunch. The 17-year-old obviously follows in “daddy’s footsteps”, as Lil Wayne’s Daughter is also musically gifted. The rapper and singer are under contract with her father’s record company. Until 2012 she was a member of a youthful R&B group and also wrote a book together with Birdman’s daughter Bria Williams. The book, titled “Paparazzi Princesses”, deals with the pros and cons of the fatherhood of a famous celebrity.

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Weezy’s second child, Dwayne Michael Carter III, was born a full decade after his older sister on October 22, 2008. His mother is Sarah Vivians, a woman the rapper met at one of his concerts in 2005. Lil Wayne was a doting father to his son and still maintains a good relationship with Sarah so they can raise their son well.

The third baby on the list is Cameron Carter, whose mother is the popular actress Lauren London. He was born in Los Angeles on September 9, 2009. His mother, Lauren, likes to keep him out of the limelight and she does a great job, but we know it’s only a matter of time before the paparazzi start pushing their boundaries.

Neal Carter, the baby of the family, was born just two months after his brother on November 30, 2009. His mother is none other than the singer Nivea B. Hamilton, who once worked with Weezy on the song “She Feelin Me”. Lil Wayne lovingly calls his last son “Meatball”. Just like Lauren London, Nivea tries her best to keep Neal out of the public eye.

Lil Wayne Wife

Over the years, the artist/lyricist has had his fair share of romantic relationships, OK, who are we kidding? He’s had his fair share of other people’s as well. There were flings, a real girlfriend, a few fiancées, but only one of these women made it to the finish line as his wife. We doubt that 14-year-old Antonia “Toya” Wright ( Nee Johnson, formerly Carter) when she found out she was pregnant, knew that this was a stepping stone. It is no spoiler alarm that the marriage only lasted two years.

In 2004 the couple married 6 years after they had had their daughter Reginae Carter. They separated and divorced in 2006, due to personal differences, especially Toya’s inability to cope with his lifestyle. To be more precise, his career kept the artist away from home for long periods of time; the long-distance must have been a source of pain for her.

In 2011 she married Mickey’s Memphitz’ Wright, but that marriage also broke down and burned at some point this year. Toya is currently a reality TV star, a writer, and a businesswoman.

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Lil Wayne’s Dad(s)

It is no secret that the artist had more than a few women in his life, he also had more than a few men in his life. Not in a romantic sense, of course, we are referring to the fact that he had more than one father figure in his 33 years of life. He was named after his biological father, Dwayne Michael Carter. His mother, Jacinda ‘Cita’ Carter, became pregnant for him when she was 19 years old and was pressured into marriage at 21.

It was obvious that both parties were not too happy about this, because the artist’s biological father left them a little later. This is the reason why the artist dropped the “D” from his name and called himself “Wayne”. He has no entanglements with his biological father and does not want any.

Lil Wayne’s Daughter, Kids, Son, Wife, Dad, Baby

His mother subsequently married a man named Terry. From some of his lyrics, it is clear that stepfather number one tried to be abusive and Weezy came to his aid. Despite the fact that Terry also left, he does not hold a grudge and even called him a “cool guy” in a magazine interview. Cita then married the man Weezy considers his real father, Reginald McDonald, popularly known as Rabbit.

The rabbit was obviously good to them, he brought Wayne and his mother from Hollygrove to East New Orleans. He’s also one of the main reasons we have Lil Wayne today. Weezy’s mother had to be convinced a bit before she let him sign with Cash Money Records. The rabbit was murdered in the hood when the artist was just 13 years old, his death gave Wayne a reason to make it big. He was also the inspiration for his first tattoo with the words “In Memory Of Rabbit: It’s Up To Me”.

Wayne also considers Birdman, Williams, as his father in a kind of God-father manner. Birdman owns Cash Money Records, the record label that signed the artist at a young age. The two of them have had a father-son relationship ever since, and with that, we end this family reunion of the Carter family.