Lil Dicky Girlfriend, Height, Real Name, Age, Wiki, Parents, Net Worth

Lil Dicky Girlfriend, Height, Real Name, Age, Wiki, Parents, Net Worth

Lil Dicky brings a lot of humor to his rap, but this American rapper is anything but a joke. Since his video for ex-boyfriend took the internet by storm, Lil Dicky has risen to the top and even got his own comedy TV show.

The 2016 XXL Freshman (a list of hip-hop rising stars) has always aspired to be a comedian, so rapping was just his way of getting more reasons to start, but he has promised us that he will continue rapping. Follow us for interesting facts about the white Jewish rapper.

Lil Dicky Girlfriend

Lil Dicky has shown that he is a hopeless romantic. Although he has not yet romanticized any popular name in the industry, Dick has had many girlfriends in the past. And after he suffered heartache, Dicky learned some relationship tips.

In an interview with GQ magazine about his song Molly, which he dedicated to his real-life ex-girlfriend, Dicky said

Lil Dicky Girlfriend, Height, Real Name, Age, Wiki, Parents, Net Worth

“I’m totally vulnerable emotionally. I love love. There is nothing more beautiful – for me, being single is far less interesting than being deeply in love. Not even close. I don’t even think it’s like a debate.”

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The video for his song Molly shows him at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding while expressing the pain he feels when he sees her marrying another man.

In the song Dicky raps about why the relationship didn’t work out: “Wanted you back, but when the fact is that I always put you second to rap/ I’m not mad that you wouldn’t come/ And even though I had to move I ain’t move on”.

This video was released in June 2016. The following month, Dicky shot a condom commercial for Trojan Bareskin, and according to Elite Daily, the girl in the commercial was actually his real-life girlfriend. It is unclear whether Dicky is still in a relationship with the nameless girl.

Lil Dicky Real Name, Age, Wiki, Parents

Lil Dicky’s real name is David Andrew Burd. He was born on 15 March 1988 in Cheltenham Township, Philadelphia. Dicky attended Cheltenham High School and started rapping at the age of 14. As a teenager, Dicky opened for R&B group 112.

Although he was a rapper as a teenager, Dicky already called himself “Pu**y” in high school. “I was a pu**y. I looked really clumsy. I didn’t get any girls at all, but I was very class clownish, and I got good grades.”

Dicky then went to Richmond University where he graduated summa cum laude in 2010. He then moved to San Francisco, California, where he got a job as an account manager at the advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

However, after Dicky redesigned his monthly progress report as a rap video, he was transferred from accounting to the company’s creative department. It was around this time that he began work on his first record, an EP called So Hard. It took Dicky about 2 years to finish the record, as he was still working full time at the advertising agency. In 2013 he started releasing singles, all of which he recorded himself with his MacBook Pro and a $400 microphone.

Lil Dicky Girlfriend, Height, Real Name, Age, Wiki, Parents, Net Worth
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On April 23, 2017, Dicky released his music video for the song “Ex-Friend”, which became a hit with 1 million views in just 24 hours. Burd then signed with CMSN, the same company that manages the careers of stars like Chiddy Bang and Tyga. Dicky staged his first live performance on February 19, 2014, at TLA.

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On July 31, 2015, Lil Dicky released his debut album “Professional Rapper”. The album featured many rapper aces, including T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, Rich Homie Quan, Fetty Wap, and others. His music video for “Pillow Talking” included special effects, which placed it at number 49 of the most expensive music video of all time.

His second EP “I’m Brain” under his alter ego Brain was released in September 2017.

Net Worth: $6 Million

Lil Dicky had immediate success with his music, but that had its price. The rapper told HipHopDX in an interview that he spent all his money to become successful in rapping.

“The money is an absolute necessity. To do this full-time, I had to quit my job about six months ago – and I have very little income. In addition, I spent all my savings on the first wave of things, so I was at the point where I couldn’t go on without more money.

Well, all that is now history, because Lil Dicky’s net worth is now estimated at $6 million. In addition to income from album sales and shows, the rapper has represented a number of brands, including Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Height: Lil Dicky stands 5 feet 11 inches tall