Lawrence Sonntag Wife, Girlfriend, Divorce, Other Facts You Need To Know

Lawrence Sonntag Wife, Girlfriend, Divorce, Other Facts You Need To Know

Lawrence Sonntag is not only known as an American actor and speaker but also as the host of several shows and podcasts. He really is a versatile media personality, as there are some who call him a gaming journalist and editor.

Lawrence Sonntag Age, Early Life, and Rise to Fame

The actor was born Lawrence Michael Sonntag on June 7, 1983, in Dallas, Texas, and also grew up in his birthplace. Very little, if any, information about his father, mother, and siblings is available to the public. However, it is known that he attended Azle High School in Azle, Texas, and graduated in 2001. From the University of Texas, Dallas, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science, which he received in 2006. Despite his degree in computer science, the player now works as a freelance writer.

In May 2006, as a recent graduate, Michael was offered a position at AGRO Data Resource Corporation and stayed there for about a year as a software engineer. He also gained experience as a review manager and freelance video game writer. He joined in January as a producer.

Lawrence Sonntag Wife, Girlfriend, Divorce, Other Facts You Need To Know
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Lawrence was popularly known as “The Talking Head” of Inside Gaming, but most people don’t know the origin of that name. Well, it didn’t start planning, it just happened and got stuck. Before moving to Cincinnati, Lawrence was faced with the responsibility of maintaining the blog and creating newsletters. When he moved, Bruce (a co-host of Inside Gaming) had the idea to check their content via Skype before every show. On a certain day, after the usual Skype check, Bruce forgot to disconnect and they started shooting. When the guys made a wrong sentence, they were promptly corrected by Lawrence, who had been watching the whole time. Everyone thought his reaction from a computer was great, so it stayed that way and he worked there until February 2015 when he went to Rooster Teeth to join Rooster Teeth as their lead producer.

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Rooster Teeth is an entertainment and media company. Its main locations are Austin, Texas, London, and Los Angeles. As an employee of Rooster Teeth, Lawrence works on shows such as The Know and Funhaus. While working as a co-host and games journalist, he also produces and edits the content of the shows. In the shows, he expresses his passion for games. He also responds to his question-and-answer segment and talks about technological products, movies, and TV shows. What distinguishes him is the relaxed and funny way he inserts his comments and answers. His fans love it and so do we.

Lawrence Sonntag has worked on several animated productions, including The Eleven Little Roosters, where he appeared as Lars in 2017. Others include Civilization: The Movie (2016) and Creepy Text Theater Animated (2015).

As a social media personality, Lawrence is known as SirLarr in most of his social media reports. On YouTube, his self-titled channel has over 44,000 subscribers. In his Twitter bio, he describes himself as a cross-media cyber-psychologist.

Lawrence Sonntag’s Wife, Divorce, and Girlfriend

Lawrence Sonntag was previously married to a woman named Katy. Although almost nothing is known about Katy, it is common knowledge that she is no longer married to Mr. Sonntag; they were divorced in 2014.

Lawrence Sonntag Wife, Girlfriend, Divorce, Other Facts You Need To Know
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He is currently in a relationship with Stephanie Bayer. One of the many things they have in common is their love of impostors; another is trashy local television. They discovered and discussed this on their very first date. The duo does all kinds of crazy stuff together. On one occasion, Stephanie made a body pillow anime of the epitome of the player and posted a picture of it on Twitter.

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Other Facts You Need To Know

To the best of our knowledge, the divorce from Lawrence Sonntag was a loss for him. He lost his house and shortly afterward was in a near-fatal car accident. According to reports, this sad event got him into a drinking habit that took him some time to break.

Despite the fact that he claimed that alcohol had helped him somewhat to overcome the pain and shock of his divorce, Lawrence warned that dealing with a divorce through therapy and counseling was healthier.

He loves anime, likes to dance, and claims he has forgotten a good part of his childhood memories.