Laineybot Bio, Facts About The YouTuber and Social Media Personality

Laineybot Bio, Facts About The YouTuber and Social Media Personality

Laineybot is one of the people who found fame and fulfillment on YouTube by writing personal vlogs. Their main channel, Laineybot, contains videos about their private lives and family matters. She also has another channel, Beautybot, where she publishes videos about beauty and fashion. Both channels perform moderately well and attract a considerable number of fans.

The sensation in social media is beautiful, although she has a boyish look, for all her masculinity she is a simple and stylish lady. Her love and penchant for fashion are unsurpassed. She is a lady who lives in the moment and captures every single moment of her life. The online personality makes videos of her personal time with her husband and family and publishes most of them as vlogs on her channel.

Laineybot enjoys family life with her husband and the popular YouTuber, Gregory Jackson (Onision). When she’s not shooting videos, she takes time to look after her children. She is a fantastic mother who also likes to party and travel when she has the opportunity.

Laineybot – Bio, Facts About The YouTuber and Social Media Personality
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Meet Laineybot – An American YouTuber

Laineybot was born on October 16, 1994, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She is an American to the bone. And like many others before her, she has managed to build a massive success on Youtube.

Speaking of YouTube: Laineybot launched her first channel in February 2015 and it wasn’t long before she released her first video, Girlfriend Boyfriend Tag (Laineybot & Onision). The video became a huge hit and has been viewed 1.1 million times to date. She followed this video along with others that contained fun and amazing everyday routine content. Most of her videos are collaborations she made with her husband and turned out to be the most popular on her channel.

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She is consistent on the Laineybot channel, where she regularly posts content such as dating and marriage videos, pregnancy videos, and tag videos. Apart from Girlfriend Boyfriend Tag (Laineybot & Onision), she has a number of other videos that are finding more and more viewers. These include Husband Cuts My Hair, Never Have I Ever (Husband Edition), and Turning My Husband into A Girl (Gender Switch 2). Although the channel hasn’t had a 6-digit number of subscribers to date, it’s not doing badly with over 380,000 subscribers.

Thanks to the fact that she has built her world around YouTube, Laineybot has another channel, Beautybot. She launched the channel in September 2017 and uses it to promote her beauty and make-up content. She offers great make-up tutorials on the channel. She has content like “Get Ready With Me” videos, hair tutorials, instructional videos, and so many other instructional videos. She currently has over 30,000 subscribers to the channel.

She is also a social media personality. However, this is a general trend of YouTubers. She has a pretty good fan base on her major social media accounts. She had over 122,000 followers on Twitter and more than 196,000 followers on Instagram.

Laineybot’s Personal Life

Laineybot – Bio, Facts About The YouTuber and Social Media Personality
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The younger one is the one who does what she wants without wasting time. At only 18 years of age, she found love and followed her heart. In 2012 she married Gregory Jackson alias Onision. Her husband is also a famous YouTuber. He also served in the American Air Force. They have two beautiful children together.

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The Lane and Sarah Scandal

Laineybot and her husband, Gregory Jackson, were on the bad side of the social media trend in 2017. They were accused of abusing underage girls. Although no official arrests were made, the evidence against them was overwhelming.

The story began with Lane, who had long been a follower of the teenager. There was speculation that she and her husband had tried to sleep with the young fan. The rumors were refuted until Lane loosely said that the couple had tried to sleep with her.

By the time her saga with Lane took a nosedive, the scandal surrounding Sarah Ingles was breaking out. Laineybot was accused of brushing Sarah Ingles from the age of 14. She dropped out of school in 2017 to live with Laineybot and her husband. The experience was later described by Sarah as terrible.

This problem affected her reputation and the following social media. She lost a lot of followers through this incident.