Jerry Lawler Biography, Wife, Girlfriend, Son, Heart Attack, Net Worth

Jerry Lawler Biography, Wife, Girlfriend, Son, Heart Attack, Net Worth

Jerry Lawler is best known to his fans as The King. He is a WWE color commentator and part-time wrestler. As one of the oldest faces in professional wrestling, Lawler has been around for 4 decades and the number is growing. Although he has not won a WWE Championship, he is the current wrestler with the most championships, all 168 won from other promotions and independent circuits.

Jerry Lawler’s Biography

Jerry O’Neil Lawler was born in Memphis, Tennessee on November 29, 1949. He began his career as a disc jockey and soon became known for it. When local wrestling promoter Aubrey Griffith approached him with a request for publicity, Lawler signed a contract with him and offered to teach him the basics of wrestling free of charge. Aubrey agreed, and in 1970 Lawler began his wrestling career.

He was trained by Jackie Fargo, and over the next 20 years, he was to develop his fighting skills in various areas, particularly in the Memphis area. Lawler was best known for his feuds with Andy Kaufman.

He joined the WWF (now WWE) as an announcer in 1992 and became known for his feuds. He subsequently struggled with other promotions while retaining his job as a commentator. From 2001 to 2014, Lawler served as a color commentator for the WWE, while he wrestled sporadically. He continues to perform regularly.

Son – Brian Christopher

Lawler’s first son Brian Christopher was born in Memphis, Tennessee on January 10, 1972. At the age of 16, he began his wrestling career as part of the tag team “The Twilight Zone”, known for their signature masks.

Jerry Lawler Biography, Wife, Girlfriend, Son, Heart Attack, Net Worth
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Almost a decade later, Brian joined his father at WWF, but it was kept secret from the fans that he was Lawler’s son until Paul Heyman ousted him from RAW. Christopher left WWE in 2001, but has returned several times since then, first in 2004 and then in 2011 and 2014, and between periods of absence, he wrestled in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and the Independent Circuit. In 2009 he spent 30 days in jail after his arrest for disorderly conduct.

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Jerry Lawler Wife

The king was married three times in his life. His first marriage was to Kay in 1971. The marriage lasted 7 years and ended in 1978 with a divorce. Their marriage produced two children, Brian Christopher, and Kevin. Although both followed in their father’s footsteps to become professional wrestlers, Brian is the most successful.

Lawler’s next wife was Paula, whom he married in 1982 and divorced in 1991. His third wife, Stacy Lee Carter, whom he married in 2000, was to become the most popular of all wives. They met in 1989 at a charity softball game at Treadwell High School in Memphis. Lawler was apparently married to his second wife Paula at the time. Later, however, he confessed to the media that he was considering having an affair with Carter despite his marriage. The media believed that his affection for Carter was the end of his marriage to Paula.

After Lawler and Paula ended things, Carter moved in with him. They dated for years before walking down the aisle in September 2000. Carter, from the time she met Lawler, worked as a bank clerk, but Lawler used his influence to get her better jobs. She first worked in a photo studio before helping her open her own hair salon.

But that wasn’t all, Carter soon became a professional wrestling assistant and later joined the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) as a wrestler under the name The Kat.

Lawler’s marriage to Carter was short-lived, however. A year after their official marriage, they separated in 2001, and their divorce was finalized in 2003. After their separation, she left the WWF and started working in the real estate sector. Nine years after the end of her relationship with Lawler, Carter became engaged to professional wrestler Nick Cvjetkovich in July 2010 and later married him.

Jerry Lawler’s Girlfriend

After he ended things with Carter, Lawler’s relationship was quiet until he started dating Lauryn McBride at least from 2011 onward, judging by the details on McBride’s Facebook page. She was born in 1989, which makes her a full 40 years younger than Lawler. She is from Collierville, Tennessee.

Jerry Lawler Biography, Wife, Girlfriend, Son, Heart Attack, Net Worth
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McBride and Lawler have gone through thick and thin together. She was by his side when he suffered a fatal heart attack in 2012. On Halloween day in 2015, the couple was involved in a horrible car accident that destroyed Lawler’s red sports car. After the accident, Lawler reported that McBride showed signs of a concussion.

Like Lawler, McBride has had prior relationships and even has a son. Her son’s name is Peyton. In 2016, the couple made headlines when they were charged with domestic violence and accused each other. The charges led to their suspension from the WWE indefinitely. The couple were later reinstated and also found a way to sort things out when they later got engaged.

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Jerry Lawler Net Worth

Jerry Lawler is a man of many talents. Commenting and wrestling are not all he’s good at. Lawler is also a graphic designer and has created graphics for a number of companies. He designed the cover for Headlocked, a comic about wrestling. He has invested his WWE earnings in other companies, he owns a restaurant in Memphis, located at 159 Beale Street.

After all this, Jerry Lawler’s net worth is estimated at between 7 and 10 million dollars.

Heart Attack

The health of Jerry Lawler has made headlines over the years. The first was in 2012 when he suffered a heart attack. The cardiac arrest occurred while he was on air live during a RAW episode in September. Medical personnel rushed to the announcement table where he was sitting to perform CPR. Lawler later underwent angioplasty, and after several days in the hospital, he made a full recovery and was allowed to continue wrestling.

In April 2018, Lawler revealed in his podcast Dinner With The King that he had suffered a stroke on March 31, 2018, while he and his girlfriend were sleeping together. His girlfriend, Lauryn McBride, rushed him to the emergency room, where doctors discovered he had a brain bleed. He was transferred to the intensive care unit and could not speak for two days. As with his previous encounter, Lawler fully recovered and returned to his wrestling duties.