Is Jason Jordan Related To Kurt Angle, Who Is The Father And Family Members?

Is Jason Jordan Related To Kurt Angle, Who Is The Father And Family Members?

Nathan Everhart, known by the ring name of Jason Jordan, is a professional wrestler who is currently under the Raw brand of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE). The former amateur wrestler was seconded to the development area of the WWE-Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) after signing a contract with the company in 2011 before debuting on NXT in 2012.

In 2017, the Internet, as well as the wrestling community, was thoroughly scandalized when professional wrestler and actor Kurt Angle revealed that Jason Jordan was his son. Although this turned out to be fiction, two questions remained unanswered in the minds of many. The first is: If Kurt is not Jason’s father, then who is? and the second is: What is Jason Jordan’s relationship with Kurt Angle? Read on to find answers to these questions.

Jason Jordan Brief Bio – Early Life

Jordan was born on September 28, 1988, in Tinley Park, Illinois. His love of wrestling goes back to his childhood days. He started as an amateur wrestler, which he assumed was the same as professional wrestling.

In high school, he played soccer, baseball and also participated in wrestling matches. During his time at the University of Indiana, he also participated in the Big Ten Conference and later became a national qualifier three times at Division I level.

Is Jason Jordan Related To Kurt Angle, Who Is The Father And Family Members?
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While still at university, where he eventually earned a B.A. in Biology with minors in Chemistry, Social Sciences, and Medicine, Jason was voted into the nation’s top 15 three times in a row. In one of the rankings, he finished second in the 225-pound heavyweight category, while he competed in the 285-pound weight category, using his speed and agility to defeat larger opponents.

During his senior years, he was virtually unbeaten in the regular season and even recorded a 35-0. At some point during his time at university, he worked as a student coach and trained two people – a 197-pound and a heavyweight. After graduating, he lost dental school to pursue a career as a professional wrestler.

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Professional Career

Nathan Everhart was discovered in college by a WWE road agent, Gerald Brisco, who recruited him to participate in a WWE tryout in 2010. After the tryout, he was offered a WWE contract which he was allowed to sign after college.

After signing the contract in 2011, he was sent to the company’s development area, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), where he took the ring name Jason Jordan. He made his first professional appearance on September 30th in a game in which he competed with Abraham Washington against Calvin Raines and Big E. Langston.

He made his first television appearance in November of the same year when he competed against The Ascension with Colin Cassady and Mike Dalton. They lost the game. He continued to perform at FCW, the brand was replaced by NXT, and in 2012 he made his debut on the rebranded platform.

Prior to appearing on NXT, Jordan won the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship alongside CJ Parker in a live event, making him the FCW Tag Team Championship holder before the brand was finally deactivated and replaced with NXT.

In 2015, Jason and Chad Gable formed a tag team, which they called American Alpha, before being drafted to SmackDown and then winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

American Alpha (AA) was finally disbanded in 2017 when Jordan made his first appearance at Raw Brand as the son of the brand’s CEO, who happened to be Kurt Angle.

To this day, Jason Jordan is the first and indeed the only man to win the NXT Tag Team Championships, SmackDown, and the Raw. He also holds the FCW Tag Team Championship. He made his video game debut in WWE 2K17, in WWE 2K18 he also appeared as a playable character.

Is Jason Jordan Related To Kurt Angle?

In a July 2017 episode of Raw, brand manager Kurt Angle revealed Jason Jordan as his long-lost son. The mysterious story of Kurt Angle goes like this: During his college years at the Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Kurt was together with a young girl with whom he separated after a brief fling, not knowing that she became pregnant for him and eventually had a little boy.

Angle only found out about his son, who happens to be Jason, through his ex-girlfriend, who had given the child up for adoption. When Jordan found out that he had been adopted, he hired a private detective to find his real parents. The private detective would in turn find out that Jordan’s real mother was Angle’s college sweetheart and that Angle was his real father.

That sounds convincing, doesn’t it? Well, as a matter of fact, it isn’t. Kurt may be Jason Jordan’s father professionally, but in reality, he’s certainly not, since the two are biologically unrelated in any way. The plot is just one of those stories that are told in professional wrestling to spice up the whole game. In fact, it was on the basis of this story that Jordan was transferred to the Raw brand, which dissolved the American Alpha.

Who Is Jason Jordan’s Father And Family Members?

Is Jason Jordan Related To Kurt Angle, Who Is The Father And Family Members?
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The discovery of the story of Jason and Kurt was only fictional, many have asked over and over again who then is Jason’s real father and who are his family members. Although there is not so much information about his father, there is online evidence that proves that Kurt Angle is not his real father at all.

In 2014 Jason’s wife April Everhart posted a photo of her husband and his father on her Instagram with the caption “Father & Son”, and her father-in-law on this photo is certainly not Kurt Angle.

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Jason told the Miami Herald that his father, mother, and other family members watched him win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship in December 2016.

He has three brothers and he told ESPN that he has always been close to them and has had ups and downs with them.

The WWE star is married to April Elizabeth since March 2017. April is the owner of the company NE styles.