Is Glenn Hetrick Married, Who Is His Wife? Bio, Family, Is He Gay?

Is Glenn Hetrick Married, Who Is His Wife? Bio, Family, Is He Gay?

If you are a fan of horror movies and love to see the most bizarre creatures in Hollywood movies, then you have surely heard of Glenn Hetrick, the brain behind all those creatures whose origins are unfathomable. It is very possible that these hideous creatures have caused sleepless nights and even nightmares for many anti-horror people who came across them by chance in a movie. However, it is a fact that Hetrick’s make-up effects are also quite unique, especially since he has spent a lot of time on this art, which has made him one of the best make-up effects artists in the Hollywood industry over the years.

Glenn Hetrick’s work has been seen in top films such as The Hunger Games, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Heroes, and Buffy the vampire slayer, for which he won an Emmy award.

Glenn Hetrick  Biography

The talented Glenn Hetrick was born on July 8, 1972, and is said to be from Hellertown, Pennsylvania. His love for creating things began in his childhood when he played a lot with clay. Hetrick is a graduate of York College in Pennsylvania, where he attended exclusively theater arts courses. To pursue his dreams, he went to Hollywood in 1998 and was hired by Optic Nerve Studios, but left them for four years to work alone. Upon his return and with the support of his friend Neville Page, they renovated the studio in 2016 and renamed it Hetrick & Page Alchemy Studios. Later it was simply called Alchemy Studios, and they provide a full range of services using high technology digital equipment.

Is Glenn Hetrick Married, Who Is His Wife? Bio, Family, Is He Gay?
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During his time as an independent contractor, Hetrick’s recorded works appeared in films such as Blade II (2002), the DC comic The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen of 2003, The Chronicles of Riddick in 2004, and the television sitcom Medical Examiners, which aired between 2004 and 2007. In 2016 he was nominated alongside Neil for his work on the film The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, which was his first nomination for his work to date and was followed by several other nominations. So there is no doubt that Hetrick has indeed done a good job, as the film offers and nominations were proof of his hard work. He also got a job as a costume designer for the singer Lady Gaga.

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Glenn Hetrick is also known as a candidate for the reality show Face Off, which focuses on make-up. He didn’t win at that time, but he was later to become a judge of the show from 2011 until today, along with his colleagues from Star Trek Michael Westmore, Neville Page, and Ve Neill.

Since he had so much to do with film sets, it was no surprise when the talented artist decided to try his hand at acting. He had cherished the dream of becoming an actor and being on the screen instead of behind the scenes. He took part in a number of auditions and was looking for roles in films. Eventually, he got the opportunity to make guest appearances in sitcoms like The Shield, Committed, Charmed, Scrubs, and Heroes.

Family – Is Glenn Hetrick Married, Who Is His Wife?

Is Glenn Hetrick Married, Who Is His Wife? Bio, Family, Is He Gay?
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Apart from his flourishing career, Hetrick is happily married to Michelle Monaco, who also happens to be a make-up artist. It is said that the two of them got together because of their interests in the same things, and after being together for a while, Glenn Hetrick asked Hetrick the question on a bridge, and Michelle, who was swept off her feet, said yes!

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Hetrick and Michelle were married on May 13, 2017, at The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, Riverside, California. Sources say that the lovebirds wanted to go on a romantic honeymoon to Italy but never did because of the work requirements. However, despite the lack of a honeymoon, the two retained the kindness of their union when they celebrated a year of marital bliss in 2018. Michelle used her Instagram page to express her never-ending love for the man she married a year ago.

Is He Gay?

It is a fact that Hetrick is not by chance a gay man, as his loving marriage to Michelle, proved. He is happily married and never misses an opportunity to show how much joy Michelle brings to his life. The couple often publishes loving pictures of themselves on social media, especially their wedding photos.