Inside Howard Stern’s Private Family Life and Relationship With His Wife & Daughters
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If you still think talking is cheap, you probably haven’t heard Howard Stern speak. The millionaire American radio presenter owes his celebrity status and great fortune mainly to his job at the microphone. Stern is also an actor, producer, television star and author. His autobiography Private Parts from 1993 topped the New York Times bestseller list 20 weeks in a row. Stern achieved his first national popularity through his self-proclaimed, nationally syndicated radio show The Howard Stern Show, which took a long hiatus between 1986 and 2005. The self-proclaimed “King of the Media” is known for being brutally honest and always willing to deal with highly controversial issues.

While this has brought him a larger audience and more fans, it has led to friction between him and the management of the radio stations he worked for. Today we focus on Howard Stern behind the camera – the husband and father.

Who is Howard Stern?

The billionaire radio host was born on January 12, 1954, as Howard Allen Stern in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City; his Jewish parents Ben and Ray Stern. His father, Ben Stern, is a war veteran who later took a job as a sound engineer at a radio station in Manhattan. Ben Stern was also co-owner of Aura Recording Inc. a Manhattan-based animated film and commercial production studio. His mother, Ray Stern, was an office worker in her hometown of New York. Eventually, however, she became a full-time housewife and much later she took a job as a breathing therapist. The younger of two children, Stern moved with his family to Roosevelt in 1955. There he attended Washington-Rose Elementary School before attending Roosevelt Junior-Senior High. As a young Jew, Stern also attended Hebrew school and was given the Hebrew name Tzvi.

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His family moved to Rockville Centre, NY, in 1969 and moved to South Side High School, where he finally graduated in 1972. After graduating from high school, he earned a degree in Communications at Boston University, where he volunteered as a radio host, news anchor, and DJ for college radio station WTBU. Stern then received a diploma in 1975 from the Radio Engineering Institute of Electronics in Fredericksburg, Virginia, which earned him a license as a first-class radio operator. Armed with a radio license, he secured his first job with WNTN in Newton, Massachusetts.

Short professional career

Before his eponymous The Howard Stern Show on WXRK, Stern achieved cult status as a radio personality while working at various radio stations, including morning shows at WRNW in New York, WCCC in Connecticut, WWWW in Detroit, WWDC in Washington, D.C. While at WXRK, Stern also worked afternoons at WNBC in New York City until he was fired in 1985. At the height of his 20 years with WXRK, his morning show had an audience of over 20 million listeners. Stern received several awards, including Billboard’s National Syndicated Air Personality Award, which he won eight years in a row. He was also announced as a juror for Season 7 of America’s Got Talent, replacing Piers Morgan, and served in that capacity until Season 10. The show had to be moved to New York City to accommodate Stern’s work schedule.

Who is Howard Stern married to?

Howard Stern has been married to the former model, actress and TV presenter Beth Stern (née Ostrosky) since 2008. The couple began their collaboration back in 2000 and after seven years together Stern announced their engagement in his radio show on Valentine’s Day 2007. One year later, on October 3, 2008, they tied the knot of marriage at the restaurant Le Cirque in New York City. As far as we know, Beth Ostrosky is an animal lover as she has about 15 cats in her foster homes. She is also an animal rights activist.

Although this is Ostrosky’s first marriage, the same cannot be said of Stern. The radio presenter was married to the psychoanalyst Alison Berns in 1978. The two had met through a mutual friend during their studies. In 2001, however, the twenty-three-year relationship was dissolved by mutual agreement. The reasons for the separation are not yet known. Sources assume, however, that the workaholic lifestyle of Stern and Bern’s desire to return to work must have been the trigger. Together they had three daughters, Emily, Debra, and Ashley.

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What We Know About Howard Stern’s Daughters

Howard Stern has three daughters from his first marriage to Alison Berns: Emily Beth, Debra Jennifer, and Ashley Jade. His first daughter, Emily Beth Stern, was born on May 7, 1983. She attended the prestigious New York University, the Tisch School of the Arts. She is an actress, poet, and casting director. From the beginning, Emily was not in a perfect relationship with her father. It began when she decided against her parents’ wish to practice Judaism. Then came the shocking divorce from her mother. And just as she was about to get it into her head, Stern married a model. The second marriage caused family tensions, especially among the daughters, who at that time still believed that their parents could get together again. Nevertheless, Howard Stern claimed to have a warm relationship with his daughters.

His second daughter, Debra Jennifer, was born on May 9, 1986. She married Colin Christy in 2016. The youngest of the three, Ashley Jade, was born on 24 January 1993 in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York. So far, the Star Girls are anything but close to their stepmother. They have never been seen together at public events or appeared in the same camera shot.