Corey Graves Bio, Wife, Brother, Children, Height, Weight, Body Stats

Corey Graves Bio, Wife, Brother, Children, Height, Weight, Body Stats

Corey Graves is a popular American commentator, columnist, and retired professional wrestler. He has currently signed with the WWE as a color commentator for Raw and SmackDown Live and is a former NXT Tag Team Champion with Adrian Neville. Join us as we learn more about him, his career, and his family life.

Corey Graves Bio

The son of a Hungarian couple, Corey Graves was born on February 24, 1984, as Matthew Polinsky. He was raised by his parents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

Although the names of his father and mother are not known, his parents helped him with his education until college, where he earned a degree in marketing.

Corey Graves” was coined as his ring name during his active time as a professional wrestler. He chose the name the night before his first professional wrestling match and chose the name “Sterling James Keenan” as a tribute to Sterling Sharpe, Polinsky’s favorite American footballer from his childhood, and Maynard James Keenan of the band Tool.

Corey Graves – Bio, Wife, Brother, Children, Height, Weight, Body Stats
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Corey, who was trained by Boomer Payne, Quinn Magnum, Dory Funk Jr., and Mad Mike, made his official ring debut on March 22, 2000. Over the next few years of his career, Corey appeared in various promotions, including the Funkin Conservatory of Dory Funk Jr. where he competed with wrestlers such as Paul London, Adam Windsor, and Onyx.

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Corey Graves has also performed for NWA Upstate, Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South, Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling, and Full Throttle Wrestling: he was part of the Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers promotion in both incarnations and won the UIPW Keystone Cruiser-weight Championship.

In 2005, Corey Graves appeared at Far North Wrestling (FNW), where he regularly participated in the fights, and on November 2, 2007, he won a Battle Royal to win the FNW Heavyweight Championship.

In August 2007, Corey Graves Samoa defeated Joe and Rikishi by countout to win the Battle Royal and the Ballpark Brawl Natural Heavyweight title. In February of the following year (2008) Corey Graves won the Absolute Intensive Wrestling’s Heavyweight Championship. This championship was special to him because it was a 30-man glove match.

Graves returned with the NXT TakeOver: R Evolution on December 11, 2014, where he announced his official retirement from the ring due to his concussion. At the same event, Graves also announced that he would be joining the NXT commentary team with immediate effect and made his debut at the event.

Corey Graves was then signed by Triple H for two years as a commentator and later joined the pre-show panel for Raw.

Matthew Polinsky “Corey Graves” is described as a typical yinzer; he often shows pride in being from Pittsburgh when he performs on WWE programs and often mentions his bar-hopping in Pittsburgh’s South Side and his favorite places to visit.

His achievements during his wrestling career include 1 Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, 1 AIW Absolute Championship, 1 FNW Heavyweight Championship, 1 IWC Heavyweight Championship.

Corey has a large fan base of fans on social media, which he often addresses through his Instagram and Twitter grips. When he’s not working with his comments, he reads magazines, watches TV series, goes to the gym for training, and plays video games.


Corey Graves – Bio, Wife, Brother, Children, Height, Weight, Body Stats
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Corey Graves has a younger brother named Sam Adonis. His real name is Samuel “Sam” Polinsky. Sam is an American professional wrestler who wrestles under the name “Sam Adonis” for the Mexican promotion CMLL.

He is currently working in Mexico for the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre as a heel pro-trump figure.

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Wife and Children

Not much can be said about his married life, but we can safely say that the WWE color commentator has a beautiful woman in his life. He married his long-time girlfriend in 2009 (although some people think it will be 2011), and her name is Amy Schneider.

Corey Graves and his wife have three children – a boy and two girls. Although their names have been hidden from public view, they all live happily together at his base in Connecticut, United States.

Corey Graves Height, Weight, Body Stats

The superstar’s body statistics are not readily available, and since the ones widely available on the Internet can hardly be authenticated, it would be inappropriate to place a second-rate figure here. However, Corey Graves has a stately height of 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) and a weight of 95 kg (209 lb).