Chris Hemsworth’s Height, Weight Body Measurements
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It’s been 14 years since Chris Hemsworth first graced our television screens in all his Australian glory, and he’s made quite a name for himself since then. Chris Hemsworth’s stunning body wasn’t built in a day, and before we dive in, here’s a brief back story.

Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia on August 11, 1983, the son of Leonie and Craig Hemsworth. He is the second of three brothers who have apparently decided to make acting a family profession. One can even attribute the increase of Australian actors in Hollywood to the Hemsworth brothers’ takeover. We just can’t have enough of them.

Chris Hemsworth’s Height, Weight Body Measurements

His acting career began after high school with performances in smaller roles. In 2004 he was first awarded for his role as Kim Hyde in the popular Australian television show Home and Away. The Australian actor has appeared in many television and film productions over the years, but in 2011 he earned the identity of the Nordic god – Thor, in Marvel’s portrayal of Thor.

Since then, the franchise has done a lot of good for him as he has become a household name. In 2010, Chris broke the hearts of thousands of women around the world when he made the covenant with the Spanish model, actress, and film producer Elsa Pataky, whose union is blessed with three children.

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Chris Hemsworth’s Height, Weight Body Measurements

Chris Hemsworth’s Height

More about Chris Hemsworth and his breathtaking body, which has become a topic of interest even before we remember. In fact, we can, because when he graced our screens as the Nordic god Thor, he left people both pleased and curious.

The second Hemsworth brother is known for his tall stature, athletic build, sky-blue eyes, and blond hair that he grows and cuts so often that it is almost confusing, which has earned him more than a few roles in which he has had to play the tall, brave and unmistakably handsome hero.

Chris Hemsworth’s Height, Weight Body Measurements

To stand side by side with Chris, a person would have to be  6 feet 3 ¼ inches tall and 1.90 m (¼ inch) tall. Up there with him, you will find people like Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and the late Muhammad Ali, who are a few rather “big” shoes to grow into.

Chris Hemsworth’s Weight

For someone with such an athletic physique, it is quite surprising that he weighs only 91 kg, and it is quite obvious that his training routine focuses more on building his chest than his arms, because his chest, at 48 centimeters, is a whopping two sizes larger than the average man’s.

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Chris Hemsworth’s Height, Weight Body Measurements

Anyway, the ladies are still drooling. Even though he had to gain another 20 pounds for the role of Thor, it looks like Chris is hotter than ever. The extra weight suits him very well and the ladies don’t mind if he tries it again. A Nordic god can weigh so much more and still look hot, right?

Chris Hemsworth’s Body Measurements

His arms and biceps get their fair share of toning and muscle building equally at 16 inches. His waist measures 33 inches, so we can say that he has an excellent shoulder to waist ratio. He has a well-shaped body with 10-12% body fat and is obviously no stranger to sports and dieting.

Occasionally Chris has had to change his diet and training program for different roles he has played. The most popular is the diet he used to achieve his chiseled appearance in Marvel’s Thor. Despite all his hard work and compromises, we can also give some credit to his good genes, so we have to thank Leonie and Craig Hemsworth for Chris Hemsworth and his stunning body.