Bernie Mac Wife, Kids, Family, Height, How Did He Die?

Bernie Mac Wife, Kids, Family, Height, How Did He Die?

Comedy is a branch of the entertainment industry in which it is quite difficult to thrive. It’s not only so easy to make people laugh, especially if you stick to your own style of the industry. Bernie Mac is an African-American comedian who insisted on practicing his own style of comedy, even though his comedy career did not get off the ground in the 80s. Later, however, he achieved fame in this industry, and for this reason, we will tell you everything you need to know about his family, his height, and his death.

Background Information on Bernie Mac

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough was better known under his stage name Bernie Mac. He was born on 5 October 1957 in Chicago, Illinois, the second son of Mary McCullough and Jeffery Harrison. He was raised by his mother as a single parent and later by his grandparents, since his father, who was supposedly never officially married to his mother, left her when he was a young boy.

Growing up was hard for young Bernie, but that did not mean that he did not get an education. The African-American comedian attended Chicago Vocational High School before moving to Tampa, Florida in 1973, where he continued his high school education at Jesuit High School after his mother died of cancer during his second year of study. He nevertheless returned to Chicago and graduated from Chicago Vocational High School in 1975.

Bernie Mac Wife, Kids, Family, Height, How Did He Die?
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To make ends meet, he took odd jobs at various times between his twenties and early thirties, including janitor, cook, and later bus driver, Sears delivery man, coach driver, UPS agent, and mover. He also worked in shelf theatre and performed in several parks before making a career as a comedian at the Chicago Cotton Club. His comedy influences were Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx, while his jokes were largely based on the difficulties he grew up in within his family.

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He won his first comedy competition at the age of 32, and this helped set the stage for him to achieve greater success in this profession. He started as an actor in 1994 with a role in House Party 3 and later had a talk show on HBO called Midnight Mac. The character Pastor Clever on Friday 1995 was his big breakthrough in the film industry, and then other roles came his way.

Before his death, he starred in many films, as less than two years passed without him being involved in a film and television project. At the same time, his comedic talent did not suffer from a lack of attention, because most of his movies and film roles were all funny.

Bernie Mac’s career did not end without a certain amount of recognition. His last awards were the Black Reel Awards 2005, which he received as best actor, musical or comedy for his role in Mr. 3000.

Family – Wife, kids

Bernie met his wife Rhonda Gore during his high school days when he was very popular with women. They made the bond between them as men and women when the comedian was only 19 years old. After Bernie’s death, which was a hard blow for Rhonda, she never failed to express how much she loved him and how much he was a loving and caring husband. Rhonda remarried three years after his death (2011) until she met and remarried Horce Gilmore.

Bernie Mac Wife, Kids, Family, Height, How Did He Die?
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Bernie and Rhonda had a daughter named Ja’Niece in 1978, now Ja’Niece Childress.

Ja’Niece married Childress III in 2002 and now has a daughter named Jasmine Childress. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce.


His name alone creates the mental image of a great figure, not to mention that he was seen in real life when he was alive. Bernie was standing at 6 feet 3 inches, which is 5’8″. Some other online sources give numbers that are in a variant of this, but whatever his actual height was, there is no argument that he was certainly a great man who had a lot of career successes to show for himself.

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How did Bernie Mac Die?

Bernie Mac no longer exists, but his memories still live in our hearts. He fell into the cold hands of death on August 9, 2008.

Three years before his death, he publicly announced that he suffered from sarcoidosis: a disease that causes inflammation in body tissues and where he often had attacks in the lungs. He was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, for medical treatment in 2008.

He survived a week of unsuccessful medical treatment before suffering from cardiac arrest. Bernie was put on a ventilator and fed through a tube inserted into him. In the early morning hours of August 9, when the stomach tube was to be inserted, his heart stopped beating and the doctor rushed to resuscitate him.

Rhonda remembered that his whole body trembled with eyes wide open when she was allowed to come in and see him without looking at anyone in particular. She begged him not to die, that she would take care of him, but her pleas fell on deaf ears as her beloved Bernie Mac had already set course for the road of no return.

Bernie gave up the ghost around 2 am at the age of 50.