Ben Savage Married, Wife, Brother, Girlfriend, Family, Age, Net Worth, Gay

Ben Savage Married, Wife, Brother, Girlfriend, Family, Age, Net Worth, Gay

Watching your favorite child grow up as an actor/actress is one of the most amazing and wonderful experiences you could ever have. For most Americans, Ben Savage was outstanding and has everything it takes to become a Hollywood legend since he had his first television appearance at the age of five.

Although Savage had his first television appearance at the age of 5, his acting career didn’t really take off until he was 8 years old. He began his career playing minor roles in many television series and shows until 1993 when his role as Cory Matthews in Boy Meets World made him a star.

Nineteen years later, in 2012, Savage was asked to play his role in the spin-off – Girl Meets World – again. The series was renewed two years later for its second season and then in 2015 for its third season, bringing a large sum of money to Ben’s table.

The truth is that the A-lister has had a flourishing career since entering the film industry. As he would always mention, all the credit for his flourishing career goes to his older brother, who played a key role in shaping his acting career.

Ben Savage Married, Wife, Brother, Girlfriend, Family, Age, Net Worth, Gay
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As he would have us believe, in 1989 his older brother offered him his first movie role in his film Little Monsters, which eventually turned out to be one of his biggest and most lucrative projects.

Some of Savage’s notable roles can be seen in films and television series such as Big Girls Don’t Cry… They Get Even (1992), Clifford (1994), The Wonder Years, She Woke Up (1992), Dear John (1988), Still Standing as Seth Casella, Palo Alto (a critically acclaimed independent film in 2006), Peace and Riot and many others.

A big fan of American singer-songwriter and musician Bruce Springsteen, Ben Savage took a three-year break from acting just to accompany his musical idol on his tour of the country.

At the moment, however, he is back to doing what he loves best.

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Ben Savage Brief Bio – Age

Born as Bennett Joseph Savage, Ben was born on September 13, 1980, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was born the son of a father (Lewis Savage) who was a consultant and a mother (Joanne Savage) who was an industrial real estate broker.

Ben Savage, who grew up in Reform Judaism, studied at Stanford University, where he majored in political science. He graduated in 2004 – one year after completing an internship with Senator Arlen Specter.

His Brother

The last child of a family of three, Savage grew up with his older siblings – Fred Savage, a director, and actor, and Kala Savage, a singer, and actress. The siblings grew up in the environment of Reform Judaism, as their grandparents were of Jewish descent. Fred was born on July 9, 1976, in Illinois, where he grew up, especially in Glencoe, before moving to California.

He is an actor, producer, and director, best known for his role in The Wonder Years, an American television series that ran from 1988 to 1993. During his career in the film industry, he has received several nominations and awards, including the Young Artist Awards and the People’s Choice Awards.

Fred Savage married his childhood sweetheart Jennifer Lynn Stone in 2004. They have three children – sons Oliver Savage and Auggie Savage and daughter Lily Savage.

Is He Married? Family, Wife

Well, the Boy Meet the World actor is single and probably on the lookout. A look at his relationship history shows that he was with Alexis Coe when he was in high school.

Ben Savage Married, Wife, Brother, Girlfriend, Family, Age, Net Worth, Gay
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Right now it’s very hard to tell if he’s in a relationship because the actor is pretty secretive. He hardly talks about his personal life and has never experienced an intimate moment with ladies.

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Does he have a Girlfriend? Is he Gay?

No. Savage is not in a known relationship. His last girlfriend was Alexis Coe, whom he dated in high school.

The “Still The King” actor may be single and shows no signs of having a girlfriend, but he’s not gay. Savage has never given us reason to question his sexual orientation. Besides, he was in a relationship once.

Probably the actor is still looking for the right woman or has made a decision to focus on his career before he brings a woman into his life again. Either way, Savage has many fans who are eagerly waiting to hear the sound of wedding bells.

How Much is Ben Savage Worth?

The Chigaco-born A-Lister’s net worth is estimated at $12 million in January 2017. It is believed that Ben Savage drew his amazing fortune from his acting career and probably from other undisclosed business channels.

As for his height and sun sign, he is 5’8″ tall, while his star sign is Virgo.