Anna Strout Bio, Family, Facts About Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife

Anna Strout Bio, Family, Facts About Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife

Shortly after everyone had given up on Jesse Eisenberg and Anna Strout getting back together after their separation, the two surprised us by reconciling and then announcing their wedding plans. Ever since actor Eisenberg officially introduced Strout to his fans, close friends, and family as his wife, the two of them have set serious relationship goals for us.

Although Anna has been quite successful in her own right, her popularity and reputation both within and outside of the entertainment industry skyrocketed after she was married to Jesse, multiple award-winning actors, playwrights, and writers. We have gathered all the interesting facts about the actor’s wife that you have been looking for. Read on!

Anna Strout Bio

If there is one thing Anna Strout has succeeded in doing as the wife of a prominent actor, it is to stay out of the limelight and neglect her private life, her job, and her family. For this reason, the picture lacks information about her birth, family history, childhood, youth, and education.

Anna Strout – Bio, Family, Facts About Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife
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However, we do know that her mother (Toby Strout) was the manager of a home for domestic violence in Bloomington, Indiana. Her husband, Jesse, is said to have spent four months in Indiana raising money for the home at the University of Indiana. This happened after he broke off his relationship with Anna. In the end, he was able to raise $500,000 for her, and upon his return to his base, he finally reconciled with Anna.

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According to her IMDB page, Eisenberg’s wife spent some time in the entertainment industry. She has worked as a crew member on a number of films and documentaries. Anna Strout is acclaimed as Deputy Managing Director of the TV documentary Digital_Man/Digital_World (2011) and as a production assistant for the drama Don’t Say A Word (2001) and the drama The Emperor’s Club (2002). She is also said to have worked as a talent coordinator for the documentary “Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia”.

Anna Strout Family

Anna Strout is happily married to Jesse Eisenberg, an American playwright, writer, and actor. The couple first met in 2002, when Strout was working as a production assistant for the project “The Emperor’s Club”. They became friends and later lovers who went out together for ten years. They stopped briefly in 2012 and got back together three years later. During the time the couple was separated, Jesse dated his co-star in the movie The Double. Her name is Mia Wasikowska. Their fling lasted from 2013 to 2015.

Eisenberg and his mistress had their first official public appearance as a couple in January 2016 at a basketball game. A few months later, the actor announced that Anna was carrying his first child and that she would give birth to him in April 2017. As announced, the two welcomed their first child together, a boy born in April 2017. Anna Strout and Jesse Eisenberg were officially united as man and wife in the same year.

Anna Strout – Bio, Family, Facts About Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife
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Since Strout is a discreet person, the name of her son has yet to be published. She hardly ever puts his pictures online or keeps her fans up to date with information about the child.

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Background Information About Jesse Eisenberg

As for her husband, Jesse began his career in 1999, being the son of Amy Eisenberg and Barry Eisenberg and the younger brother of Kerri Eisenberg (sister) and Hallie Kate Eisenberg (sister). The actor was born in Queens, New York, and was baptized Jesse Adam Eisenberg on October 5, 1983.

Jesse is especially honored for the role of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in the 2010 biographical drama “The Social Network”. Due to his outstanding performance in the project, he has received nominations for numerous awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actor, Golden Globe, and BAFTA.

Facts About Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife

1. She is currently not active in social media Although she hasn’t mentioned why she’s not really interested in signing up, her fans have already suspected that the reason is that she values her privacy and likes to keep a low profile.

2. The net worth of Anna Strout is estimated at $1.5 million, while that of her husband is estimated at $10 million, according to reports.

3. Strout is the only girl Jesse has ever dated.

4. Eisenberg’s wife is passionate about helping other people. According to her husband, this fact is the reason why he was attracted to her and couldn’t let go of her after their separation.